“For my family, I drop everything”, Silvia Toffanin with an open heart: the fans cry

Silvia Toffanin is undoubtedly one of the most popular conductors in the Italian show business. The presenter of very true, in fact, with the sweetness and professionalism that have always distinguished her, she was able to immediately conquer the general public. In a recent interview she gave to a well-known weekly, Pier Silvio Berlusconi’s partner chose to talk about herself without filters.

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As you all remember, Silvia is one of the historians “Letters” from Word of mouth, the famous quiz show hosted by Gerry Scotti. Not everyone knows, however, that Toffanin’s career in the entertainment world was born by chanceduring a quiet afternoon in the company of her friends.

At the age of 17, in fact, in the afternoon disco she frequented, Silvia noticed that the selections for Miss Italy. Her friends pushed her to participate, and after participating in the final stage of the beauty pageant, at just 18, she officially began her career as a model.

To date, Toffanin has grown into a gorgeous woman, a loving mom and a caring companion, but she has also established herself in the small screen universe as a journalist and presenter. And here, recently, Silvia Toffanin gave a long interview to Tv Smiles and Songsduring which he told not only sweet anecdotes, but also one of the most important moments painful of his life.

Silvia Toffanin, the great love for her family: moved fans

Silvia Toffanin always has the smile printed on the face, but those who have followed it for a long time will surely be aware of a great one drama lived in the past. The presenter, in fact, has always been very close to hers momMrs. Gemma, and when she passed away in 2020, it was a real trauma for Silvia.

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Although the sad event has deeply marked her, Silvia Toffanin was also able to draw some teachingsas revealed in the interview with Tv Smiles and Songs.

Here are the words of the presenter on that occasion: “I went through difficult times, and I understood that happiness is made up of small moments to live fully with the people I love.

If I’m with my family, I don’t think about anything else: I drop everything and live“.

Despite dedicating a lot of time to her work, in fact, Toffanin never misses an opportunity to spend as many moments as possible with her family sons, Sofia Valentina and Lorenzo Mattia, born of love with her partner, Pier Silvio Berlusconi. As she herself told in the course of the aforementioned interview, in fact, often Silvia plays with dolls together with her little girl; with Lorenzo, on the other hand, they periodically go to the “skate park”, to let his young man train with the skateboard.

The new season of “Verissimo”

We have now reached the middle of September, and very true is ready to reopen its doors. The new season of the talk show, in fact, will begin Saturday 17 of the current month, same place (Channel 5), same time (16.30). Also reconfirmed double date weekly: we will have the opportunity to attend Silvia Toffanin’s interviews, therefore, both on Saturdays and Sundays.

New season "very true"
Silvia Toffanin on tv – Nanopress.it

Although she has been carrying out her profession for many years now, Silvia Toffanin does not usually look at herself on TV, as she herself said to Tv Smiles and Songs: “I tend to don’t concern mebecause then I notice that there are always margins of improvement“.

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“For my family, I drop everything”, Silvia Toffanin with an open heart: the fans cry

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