Francesca De André’s post: “I suffered severe violence, I’m in tragic conditions”

Francesca De Andr, granddaughter of the great Fabrizio and former Big Brother participant, long away from TV. She has posted a post in which she explains that she suffered an assault which she is trying to react to

I come back only today after days where I was forced to disappear, above all due to my tragic psychophysical conditions in which I found myself and still, in reality, I find myself: but I’m trying to react …

Thus begins the post that Francesca De Andr made on her Instagram profile. She is the granddaughter of the great singer-songwriter Fabrizio De Andr, a former competitor of Big Brother, who has long been away from television.

In his post he explains that he has suffered severe assault, physical violence, of which he is not yet in a position to speak. But not being a liar, she continues, to go back to talking to her followers about her, she felt she wanted to tell you the truth of what happened to me. I ask you, he continues, for the understanding, support and affection that you have always given me but now even more. I really need it.

During her participation in Big Brother, Francesca De Andr had repeatedly attacked her father Cristiano, with whom she does not have a good relationship.

I brought out the worst in me, He said, but I’ve never found myself having to go through so many messes for all to see and not be able to manage them directly as I’m used to. I never expected to experience so much pain.

Francesca’s father, Cristiano De Andr, had attacked not only Francesca, but also Federica, who had hypothesized to take part in the GF as her sister.

In a tangle of grudges, we must first summarize the entangled family tree, Renato Franco wrote here: Cristiano from his first wife Carmen de Cespedes had Fabrizia (1987) and the twins Francesca and Filippo (1990). Then another daughter (Alice, 1999) from the relationship with Sabrina La Rosa, but that’s another story. The clashes with older girls are continuous, especially with Francesca who has often put them in the square in Barbara D’Urso’s afternoon living room without walls (“slaps and punches, my father is violent”) in an escalation to those who injure more that comes to the lawsuits for defamation.

Cristiano De Andr then gave his version of the facts: At the age of 24 a judge took away custody of the children, there was no time to tell them who I was. Carmen, the mother, filled them with rancor towards me, raised them on bread and poison.

After the warning, Federica had decided not to participate in the show, while Francesca had chosen to go straight: I’m not afraid of my father, he who has a straw tail.

I am no longer willing to accept our family being exploited, denigrated and defamed, Fabrizio’s son had written about Facevook. I have never publicly responded to the constant accusations of my daughters in the hope that things would go away, as I believe that problems and misunderstandings exist in a family, but that they must be faced and resolved internally and not sold off in television salons, which have the sole purpose of further increasing disagreements for speculative purposes.

De Andr said he was always willing to confront his daughters, but not publicly; assured that he had never stopped supporting them and providing for them: But I believe that being women of 29 and 32 now, the time has come for them to take off this guise of victimhood and show that they have real stuff and skills that justify their presence in the world of the show. My warning has the sole purpose of protecting our family and clearly they too, so that they express who they really are, throwing away this mask behind which they have hidden for too long. My daughters, I say reluctantly, have preferred to seek a quick “success”, through broadcasts that I consider of low caliber. I am sure he made some mistakes as a father, but I never stopped loving them. I suffer to see my daughters abandon themselves to this emptiness.

May 1, 2022 (change May 1, 2022 | 19:31)

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Francesca De André’s post: “I suffered severe violence, I’m in tragic conditions”

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