Francesco Totti: “I was not the first to betray, with Noemi together since New Year’s Eve”

Francesco Totti breaks the silence and in an interview with Corriere della Sera he tells his version of the crisis between him and Ilary Blasi. “I wasn’t the first to betray. Then I’ll be silent again. Whatever will be replied to me, I will shut up. Because my priority is to protect my children. “And he explains:” The real crisis exploded between March and April last year. But I had been suffering for some time. “The former footballer says that” it all started in 2016. My penultimate year as a footballer. Quitting isn’t easy. It’s a bit like dying. ”

After leaving Rome “I was fragile, I lacked references, and Ilary did not understand the importance of this pain. Then it was October 12, 2021” when Totti’s father died of Covid. “My dad was always there for me – he says – he never missed a trip. He never paid me a compliment, but with the others he was very proud: Francesco is number one, he said. Then I took Covid too, in shape violent: 25 days locked up at home, I was about to end up in hospital. In short, it was a terrible time for me. Luckily there were children. Finally I was able to spend more time with Cristian, Chanel and Isabel. My wife, on the other hand, when I needed her more, she wasn’t there. In the spring of 2021 we went into crisis definitively. The last year was hard. There was no more dialogue, there was nothing left “.

Totti and Noemi Bocchi had known each other for some time: “I frequented her as a friend, with my padel friends. Our story began after the New Year. And it was consolidated in March 2022. I repeat: I was not the first to betray”. In September of last year “the rumors began to reach me: look that Ilary has another one. Indeed, more than one”, says the former footballer, who confesses to having spied on his wife’s cell phone: “I had never done it in twenty years, nor had she ever done it with me. But when I got warnings from different people, whom I trust, I became suspicious. I looked at her cell phone. since there was a third person, who acted as an intermediary between Ilary and another “. The third person was “Alessia, Ilary’s hairdresser, her friend”, while the other “is a totally different person from me, who belongs to a world very far from mine, and fortunately. It was a shock. Not only that. that Ilary had someone else; but that she might have an interest in such a man. Yet she had him. “

“I kept everything inside – says Totti – I didn’t tell anyone, not even Vito Scala, the friend who has been by my side since I was eleven. I’m not one who turns a blind eye, but I preferred to pretending nothing. I sent down, so as not to break up the family, to protect the children. I suffered like a dog. I think, you have this other one. But I still hoped it wasn’t true. ” The relationship with Noemi began “after the New Year”, when “it became a story”. As for the attempts to remedy the crisis, “we tried a little – he says – but not completely. Nobody wanted to try anything more. Let’s say it wasn’t a great attempt. I knew what she had done, too. if I didn’t say anything so as not to damage her image, all the more while she was doing the Island of the Famous. And she was probably bored. Because in reality the marriage was over “.

The couple at that point announced the breakup with two separate releases: “I would have preferred a single release – observes Totti – signed by both of them, to say that we had tried to overcome the difficulties but we had not succeeded. Ilary did not want to: because she went on TV to deny, to ensure that everything was fine; and she couldn’t take it back. So she wrote her statement, to argue that she had done something to save the relationship, and I didn’t. ”

Totti clarifies that he had sought “an agreement. I did not want to end up in court. So I proposed: let’s think of the children first, we leave the house to them, and we take turns, we take three days for each. I did not want to see the boys with the suitcase in hand, between Eur and North Rome. But Ilary said no. So I proposed to divide the house, after all it’s big. Or to take one all for her. Nothing to do: only she wants to stay in the house, and that’s enough. Then we stopped talking, because she left with her sister for Tanzania. A vacation paid for by me “. And he adds: “She went to empty the safety deposit boxes with her father, and took away my collection of watches” including “some Rolex of great value. She claims that I gave them to her, but if they are men’s watches. I refuse to think it’s a question of money. If anything, it’s a spite. ” And she concludes: “I fear that with Ilary it will end up in court. I still hope that we can find an agreement and end this story here. For sure, now I am silent. I don’t know if it’s understood, but this afternoon it cost me six months to live. I would have preferred a thousand times to give you an interview to talk about football and Roma, which I always carry in my heart. “

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Francesco Totti: “I was not the first to betray, with Noemi together since New Year’s Eve”

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