Friends of Maria de Filippi: top and flop on Sunday 9 October

The best and the worst of the new episode: from singing to dancing, among today’s protagonists we find Tommaso Dali, Samu, Asia and Rita. Here’s what happened

After having witnessed last week the case of the students who left the academy without permission to smoke, also the new Sunday episode of “Friends of Maria De Filippi“opens with a disciplinary measure: the students of the singing section have exaggerated with delays and disobedience. Result: the last two classified in the cover competition, judged for the occasion by Giorgia, they will go into challenge. The judge of the dance competition is instead Little Phil, known for collaborating with the likes of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Guests of the episode were Sangiovanni with the single “Fluo” and Diana Del Bufaloat the theater with “7 spouses for 7 brothers”.

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Friends, the Top on Sunday 9 October

The first Top of the episode can only be Tommaso Dali. In the cover competition he sings “Seven Years” and makes a great impression: it is not every day that a singer like Giorgia assigns a 9. Federica, who follows closely with a remarkable 8.5, obtained thanks to a version of “Universal Opinions” by Samuele Bersani, also deserves to be among the Top of the ranking. As for the dance competition, she finishes on the first step of the podium (with an 8.5), and consequently Top of the bet, she is Samu, in a test with very few flaws even if, according to the judge, it has further room for improvement. Ludovica is also excellent, bringing home a remarkable 8 in the report card. Wax deserves a mention among the Top of the week. The students of the academy have included him in the trio invited to challenge each other in a cover competition: according to Davide Simonetta, Wax was superior to both NdG and Cricca and deserves to collaborate with a producer on the proposed single. Meanwhile Piccolo G, sent to challenge Neveo after the poor impression of the last episode, triumphs by agreeing the professors of the singing section.

Mattia also deserves a mention, who has overcome the task assigned by Celentano: that of preparing a choreography up to the occasion. Before moving on to the Flops, let’s put Asia in the middle. Her performance was an average performance, but Raimondo Todaro wants to put it to the test because he has recently seen it off and urgently needs to recover.


The first Flop of today’s episode of “Amici” are the singers who obtained the lowest marks in the covers and consequently ended up in the challenge of the worst: Andre (with a 7) e Niveo (with a weak 6.5). Both unconvincing, they have to get to work to improve and stand out. In the dance competition the most lukewarm judgments went to Rita (7-) and Maddalena (6.5). An entire Focus has also been dedicated to Rita where a lack of artistic expression is reaffirmed. At the moment, her seems to be a decidedly uphill road. To stay in the running she must develop a greater personality.

from Diego Capuano

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Friends of Maria de Filippi: top and flop on Sunday 9 October

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