Friends, previews, chaos and tears: “Never a De Filippi so furious”

The advances of Friends of Maria De Filippi signal that a decidedly turbulent registration has just ended. The students, the professors and ‘Queen Mary’ are back in the Canale 5 studio, but it seems that an episode full of tensions will be broadcast on Sunday 27 November 2022. The lady of the house appeared really out of her mind with some of the students of the School. The reason? According to the advances reported by SuperGuidaTVMaria found herself forced to implement harsh disciplinary action because not everyone, including singers and dancers, takes part in cleaning the house they live in.

The professors, the editorial staff and De Filippi herself have always firmly asked the students to respect the house in which they live. But evidently the kids didn’t understand the rules well. Maria initially showed those present the film that she told the conditions of the house, which highlights the lack of cleaning by some students. “Maria De Filippi was very angry with all the boys”, it is read. This moment seems to have taken up a large part of the recording, as there was “a very long discussion”.

Who doesn’t help with cleaning in Amici’s house it didn’t show up. The presenter thus anticipated that she would make “the names of the people who do nothing”. Advances report that “such a furious De Filippi had not even been seen when those in the graphics made her wait during the evening episodes to give the rating”.

The landlady underlined that three categories were formed among the students of the talent show: “those who do even more than they should, those who do right, and those who really never do anything”. It seems that everyone was disappointed by the fact that those who are aware that they have never helped around the house with household chores did not get up.

Besides Maria, also the professors “on a war footing”. Indeed, Rudy Zerbi has decided to send NDG into immediate challenge, with the consent of Lorella Cuccarini. It seems that through the videos it has come out that the student is not very cooperative. At this point, Raimondo Todaro – unable to challenge one of his pupils – asked Alessandra Celentano to do it with Matthias. Conversely, the dance teacher asked the same thing from her colleague to send in defiance Gianmarco.

The disciplinary measure caused “a real chaos with immediate challenges, bad moods and possible measures in the future”. Zerbi assured, in fact, that it won’t end like this. Rudy anticipated that during the next week he will take “very serious measures”. How did these first two immediate challenges go?

Mattia danced and won through the votes of Emanuel Lo and Alessandra Celentano. Todaro, on the other hand, abstained from voting. Not only that, the Latin American dancer Tim won the test, but as a punishment De Filippi did not allow him to dance. Furthermore, the student did not even pass the task that Celentano had assigned him. Todaro appeared furious with Mattia, as in the last edition he had made the same mistake related to house cleaning.

It didn’t go very well for Gianmarco. His challenge was frozen. The dancer performed to the tune of Insuperabile by Rkomi, but was forced to leave the studio. Only Emanuel Lo voted for him, Todaro in fact preferred his challenger, Ginevra. Making a decision was up to Celentano, who however “he tore up his note and asked for time to meditate”. Therefore, it is not known whether Gianmarco will be eliminated or will continue to be part of the talent show.

Faced with this sad situation of Gianmarco to Amici 22, Ramon didn’t hold back the tears. The latter was keen to defend his colleague, stating that in reality he is one of the students who always takes care of the household chores at home. However, Zerbi advised the dancer to take it out on his companions, those who didn’t get up and take their responsibilities.

Gianmarco himself admitted that he did not understand his teacher’s decision to send him to challenge. Registration went ahead with the immediate challenge of NDG, which she won against Michelle. Subsequently, Maria revealed who the pupils who constantly participate in cleaning the house are.

Anticipations Amici 22: singers competition and dancers competition

The judges of the singers cover competition were Cristiano Malgioglio, Irama and Federica Gamba. Amici’s former student also presented his song Ali to the public. Only in one of the past episodes, Irama had surprised Aarondirectly from the United States. The singer returned to Italy and immediately went to the place that saw him grow artistically. On this occasion, Irama received double platinum, which he decided to give to Maria, to whom he owes so much.

It should be noted that in the following classification, the first three places appeared on the screen marked in green, all the others in red waiting to find out who will suffer other disciplinary measures. The professors had to choose among their students whether or not to take the immediate challenge, whether to switch to a replacement or to choose for immediate elimination.

Aaron 9-
Angeline 9
Tommy 8.5
Frederica 8
Niveo 7++
Clique 7+
Small G 7-
NDG 7- –
Wax 6.5

Aaron and Tommy, being in the top three in the standings, survived regardless of the disciplinary action. When the pupils were asked again who did not always participate in the cleaning, Aaron, Tommy and Little G got up., who have assumed their responsibilities.

The three singers came forward independently. Afterwards, De Filippi has revealed who are the students who always clean: Meghan, Maddalena, Cricca, Rita and Ramon. The boys, however, were keen to point out that Federica and Ludovica are also participating.

The dance competition was judged by Nancy Berti.

Isobel 9
Ramon 9-
Samu 8.5
Madeleine 8+
Gianmarco 9-
Rita 7.5
Matthias 7-
Samuel 6+
Megan 6- –
Louis 5

Amici 22 recording of the episode of November 27, 2022

During registration, Arisa performed to show kids how to play a song with Sorry seem to be the hardest world. Federica won the Marlù test. As for the unedited race, between Cricca and Federica this week it was the second who won. But it seems that during the recording, due to the chaos that erupted with the disciplinary action, “there was little time to rejoice”.

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Friends, previews, chaos and tears: “Never a De Filippi so furious”

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