From J-Ax to Rovazzi, from Ghali to Salmo: the new Fedez like Gandhi, makes peace with everyone

from Renato Franco

The list of his quarrels now as long as that of reconciliation

From Black Knight (no je you have to break ‘er fuck) to almost Gandhi. Fedez makes peace with everyone (except with Selvaggia Lucarelli). The list of his quarrels as long as that of reconciliation. In the beginning it was J-Ax. They were brothers like Romulus and Remus (it turned out a little worse), they filled the stadiums, they played Communists with Rolexes, they sang I would like but not place (then he changed his mind and married the queen of posts) until a breakup that seemed incurable. A few weeks ago they buried the hatchet, the peace treaty signed in their Versailles, the penthouse of Fedez in City Life, Instagram to act as a notary. We have learned that it is easy to leave people behind and that instead to put aside pride and go back to hugging again even when you have hurt yourself, it takes courage. In this historical moment, it is normal to be divided and have enemies almost a status symbol, filing away the differences and focusing on the beautiful moments lived together is perhaps the right thing to live a peaceful existence. The great cold between the two began 4 years ago, the fault of their company (Newtopia) and of mother (as well as manager) of Fedez considered too intrusive (in short, nothing different from the usual mother-in-law).

And here comes another historical break, the one with Fabio Rovazzi, also a strong point of that same company. But today everything is already forgotten. A video with a mutual kiss to make everyone understand, at the speed of a story, that the disagreements have dissolved. In case there were any doubts, the gesture that is worth more of all is the mutual follow, again, on Instagram, which in modern times is worth more than a court sentence. Another round, another peace. This time with Salmo. At the origin of the clash the flash-mob concert that Psalm he had done in Olbia, full pandemic, no distancing. Public dissing. You look like a politician to me, you are not an artist (Psalm to Fedez). Now as if nothing had happened, the peace signed at San Siro (the places of diplomacy adapt to the times we live in): Do you remember that quarrel with Fedez? a game, we never really want to hurt each other, on the contrary we get caught and we made peace. Let’s say we became friends. Beautiful l, bro. With Ghali same beginning and same end: We have had wonderful moments that I have told over the years in his absence and vice versa. We were like brothers, then as brothers we split up. Then in life we ​​grow (Ghali su Fedez). With Jovanotti they had squabbled over Salvini (for a rather naive tweet from Lorenzo, May ideas dance well) and he had literally sang them to him at the first opportunity: I should do like Jova, a billionaire below cost, to be a vegan and then eat the bresaola in secret . Now bresaola for everyone, table of peace set at the Jova Beach Party in Ravenna where there will also be the soothed Fedez.

Illness as a watershed, priorities change, we try to waste less time in the futile (except Instagram, the main source of income), from very bad me to very good me, a scar of 20 centimeters to remind him every day, as he said in a ‘ interview with Vanity Fair. My mantra one: live long enough to be remembered by my children. I know a bit of a sad mantra, but the only thing that really matters to me. The real fear that I might have a relapse. For it shouldn’t happen. And it won’t happen. So they remain on his black list few and selected enemies: in the world of rap game Marracash and Gu Pequeno; the chapter apart from that of Wild Lucarellibut here’s the new Mahatma Fedez just can’t do it. She accuses him of transforming every person into its content, he replies that if I am a monster you are worse. You and I are not as different as you think. The ego also plays tricks: first argue with her and then argue with herself as well: I am terribly disappointed in myself right now. After what happened to me (pancreatic cancer), I promised myself to make the most of the time that life has given me. This is a terrible waste of time. Go in peace if you can.

July 7, 2022 (change July 7, 2022 | 15:04)

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From J-Ax to Rovazzi, from Ghali to Salmo: the new Fedez like Gandhi, makes peace with everyone

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