Funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the dress code and the mistakes in the looks: Kate with the pearls loved by the sovereign, Meghan does not wear a veil – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Kate flawless as always, with the pearls much loved by Elizabeth. Meghan inevitably in the spotlight, with a cape dress and hat. They have not gone unnoticed the looks sported by the guests at the solemn state funeral of Queen Elizabeth, especially those of the royal family. Obviously the dress code, mandatory for all 2 thousand guests, was black, as a sign of mourning: the sight of Westminster Abbey was impressive. In the front row the members of the royal family, with men in military uniform starting from King Charles III. Next to her, the queen consort Camilla, sober in her dark outfit: a black dress with embroidery applied following the line of the v-neck, accompanied by a hat with a veil and a precious diamond brooch, that of the queen’s diamond jubilee Victory. Heart-shaped diamond and sapphire, with the number 60 in Cyrillic numerals, to indicate the years of reign celebrated with the diamond jubilee. In its own way it could be a tribute to Elizabeth II, meaning that the sovereign who passed away on 8 September has surpassed Queen Victoria in years of reign (70) (63).

Then the heir to the throne William, in uniform, flanked by his wife Kate with their children George and Charlotte. For the new princess of Wales a long frock coat down to the knee, with a sober neckline that highlighted the precious necklace with three strings of pearls and diamond clasp, the same one that Kate also wore at Prince Philip’s funeral. His is a double tribute: first of all to Elisabetta because the necklace had belonged to her, and then to Diana, William’s mother, because she wore the same jewel in 1982, when she was Princess of Wales herself. Hair gathered up and face covered by the veil that descended from the important black hat. The Prince George, second in line of succession, he sat between his father William and his mother Kate: composed, he wore a dark suit and a tie. The little sister Charlotteinstead, she too wore a stiff-brimmed hat decorated with a bow of the same color, with her long hair flowing down her shoulders and a coat that reached to the knees, buttoned up to the velvet collar.

Respectful and almost immobile, with the composure dictated by the circumstance, too Meghan Markle: sitting in the second row next to her Harry, the Duchess of Sussex sported a black cape dress with a wide-brimmed hat worn on the bias. One detail did not go unnoticed: unlike Kate and the queen consort Camilla, she did not wear a veil to cover her face, which would have been due instead. No brooch or jewelry for her, just very simple pearl earrings. The diktat is clear: keep a low, very low profile, to avoid further embarrassment to the royal family. The same ones who made Prince Harry increasingly isolated in these days of mourning and pain: only he and his uncle Andrea wore civilian clothes today, an unmistakable sign of the renunciation of titles and official positions.

The comments are fueling, then, the style slips of Carrie Symondsthe companion of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and of Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States. The first had in fact a look branded by many as “tacky”, with a dress with flashy golden buttons and an impressive belt at the waist, in addition to the neckline not really appropriate to the circumstances. The second, on the other hand, “traded” the hat provided for by the protocol with a black headbandnot really suitable.

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Funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the dress code and the mistakes in the looks: Kate with the pearls loved by the sovereign, Meghan does not wear a veil – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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