Gerry Scotti, the farewell that shocked the world of entertainment: “Always smiling…” | A sea of ​​tears

Gerry Scotti is par excellence one of the Italian television hosts most loved by viewers. He is the man of experience behind him and to this day continues to work in the entertainment world, unfortunately he recently gave the sad announcement to his followers.

Gerry Scottipseudonym of Virginio Scotti, is one of the Italian television hosts most loved by the public. It is originally from Miradoro Terme, today has 66 years old but his career continues successfully, loved by anyone who follows him and watches his TV shows. He manages in every respect to enter the hearts of the spectators who watch him through the screens.

Gerry Scotti – Technological Passion

Scotti starts his career as conductor in the first half of the 80s, when he conducts alongside the greatest conductors of the period; he is a friend and colleague of Panariello, Conti and other conductors of the same generation. Today man has passed the 8,300 pointer between talent show and quiz show.

Gerry from a young age has shown a great interest in Italian politics: he still belongs to Italian Socialist Party. Specifically, in the political elections of 1987 was a candidate in the college of Milan at the House of Representatives in the files of Italian Socialist PartySince then, she has continued to pursue political issues without letting them interfere with her career in show business.

Gerry Scotti is known as a man with a big heart, he gets attached very easily to his colleagues and friends, loves spending time with them and giving advice. Unfortunately recently, the conductor gave a very sad news to his fans on Instagram.

Gerry and greetings to Zoppi

Gerry Scotti posted a photo on Instagram with a man many of us know. It’s about Giacomo Zoppiit public warmer home Mediaset. Gerry and James – also called “Jack“ – they have worked side by side for many years and in different broadcastsdice “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” to “Free fall”.

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Instagram photo by Gerry Scotti – Technological Passion

Gerry wrote, accompanying the photo with his friend: “Goodbye Jack, 20 years of working together, always smiling, always on point. We all loved you, you will be missed.” Gerry was joined by many characters and well-known faces from Mediaset who had the opportunity to work with Giacomo Zoppi, among them is the director’s comment Giancarlo Giovalli : “the soul of our audience, the joy of our studios. He was a friend and a good person. We will miss him dearly.”

Also the note conductor Barbara D’Urso commented below Scotti’s post, writing:“I can’t express well what I felt when I heard the news… I can’t believe it… The other day, as always, you met me in the corridor and with your ringing and smiling voice you said to me: “Hi Barbara!” … “Hello Jack!”… And I blew you a kiss. Years and years and years of living together. (…) I know that you really loved me and I really loved you. Hello Jack, unique Jack.”

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Gerry Scotti, the farewell that shocked the world of entertainment: “Always smiling…” | A sea of ​​tears

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