Gf Vip 6, Davide Silvestri reveals what happened between him and Soleil Sorge after the reality show: “I wrote her on Instagram but …”

After participating in the Gf Vip 6, Davide Silvestri he returned to his usual life. Meanwhile, in July he married his Alessia Costantinotowards which he has always shown that he has a great love, even before entering the Home had never found the courage to say the elusive “I love you”. Two words that for him were more a marriage proposal than a declaration of love, so much so that, after the adventure in realitythe couple could only seal that feeling by promising that it will be forever.

In the last few hours, Silvestri was a guest of Jade Of Miceli in the television broadcast Radio Radiofrom It won’t happen anymore. And during the interview he made a small excursus of what was his adventure in reality.

It was a very hard experience for me, I am a free spirit. I like to be silent, alone, while there I was surrounded by many people who often argued about nothing. I wanted to give up in December, but then I tried to complete my adventure.

TO David was asked to return to the triangle formed by Soleil Rises, Alex Belli And Delia Duran:

For me it is a deadly bore to talk about this thing, but I must say that they were brilliant. No, genius is a big word. Treble. They’ve been good at getting this thing going.

Numerous ups and downs with the It rises. The seemingly strong and solid bond between the two gieffini alternated with fights and nominations. But how are things between them now?

Soleil will lead the Gf Vip Party? I did not know. When I went out I wrote to her once about Instagram. She never answered me and we never spoke again. I only did what I felt, but my life goes on anyway. With Alex I heard a couple of times, then we didn’t see each other as promised again. I feel with Katia Ricciarelli, Barù And Jessica Selassié. They were also invited to my wedding, as well as too Giucas Casella.

Several flirts that have followed in the Home, some erupted, others never really materialized and still others then found their own stability. And in this regard the former has expressed himself gieffino.

That the couples formed at the Gf Vip they would last I did not expect. Of Federica Calemme I thought he was leaving Gianmaria Antinolfi just out, instead of Sophie Codegoni And Alessandro Basciano I said “no, for the age difference“, Instead I am very happy. We also met with them, we had a weekend together by chance. Very nice.

About the new edition and Giovanni Ciacci who will enter after declaring that he is HIV-positive:

A problem? Absolutely not, because we know how the disease can be transmitted. Being afraid is ignorant.

Impossible not to mention the commentators: as is known there will be Sonia Bruganelli and Orietta Berti (who will take over in place of Adriana Volpe).

Sonia it is perfect, it is absolutely right for what it does, even for the interventions made last year, apart from some defense and protection against someone I saw out of place and forced. There she bothered me a little. Yes, I’m referring to Soleil. Sonia he defended her a little too much. I believe that pundits must be referees.

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Gf Vip 6, Davide Silvestri reveals what happened between him and Soleil Sorge after the reality show: “I wrote her on Instagram but …”

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