Gf Vip 7, a former Vippone tough against Geneva Lamborghini

Guest of Turquoisethe radio show hosted by Turquoise Baracchi with Angela Achilli, broadcast on Radio Cusano Campusthe cosmetic surgeon James Urtis. The ex Vippone of the last edition of Reality show was a raging river on the competitors of the seventh edition of Gf Vip.

There were many topics addressed, to which James Urtis he answered without hesitation.

Would go back to Gf Vip what if they offered it?

No. Stop. I want to spend a moment with my family, except that it’s an edition I don’t like. I wouldn’t even be suitable because if I don’t like it I can’t give my best. After two years of doing the Big Brother, enough, a moment’s stop. I’d rather do another program if I really have to. I would have loved to do Dancing.

James Urtis is best friends with Electra Lamborghini. Here’s what he said about Geneva:

I confirm that the sister was not at the wedding. Look I tell you the truth, Electra he doesn’t talk about these family problems. From what I understand is that maybe Geneva he didn’t tell her he wanted to sing. She did things secretly and Electra it was bad for us. The behavior of Geneva I do not like. What the hell do you go back to the House if you have a boyfriend and pretend that you are interested Antoninus? What did you come in for? To present your single?

And speaking of Antoninushere’s what he thinks of the hair stylist:

Antoninus he is narcissus, in my opinion he is in love with himself, he has this parterre of female suitors. He’s cute but he’s not that much. Surely these suitors hope to go on television to do hype and to make the love story to get people talking. In the end I think that Antoninus he’s so in love with himself and he won’t care about anyone in there.

James Urtis he also revealed a gem on Albert DePisis and Taylor Mega:

We used to see each other often during that time. We go to Mykonos, we frequent gay clubs, he joins us there Taylor at the hotel and at one point I see them kissing. He goes to sleep with her and at a certain point Alberto no longer wants to go to gay bars. He basically makes me straight. I played the third wheel on a vacation. It all seemed surreal to me, you leave with your gay friend and you end up playing the third wheel for a couple. I took the photos of him. They were a crazy couple. Both blondes with blue eyes, they made an incredible effect together. He was taken, he was convinced. The power of Taylor Megashe’s really good. Taylor Mega that’s it.

Same effect on me? I do not know. Calculate that I was engaged to one for 13 years, married to another for three. Now I will go on a period of chastity. I gave too much, I’m out of energy. I have gone so far as to say that eternal love does not exist. They are all bales. Human beings were not born to be monogamous. Now it no longer makes sense in 2023.

The former contestant of the sixth edition of the Gf Vip he said he was blocked by Pamela Prati:

Pamela Prati apart from the fact that I think she’s crazy, she’s Sardinian like me. Let’s say that she has a variable serene mood, so the point is that being her that she has this mood, it happens that I was on the train and I was doing a tiktok. People never mind her, a woman who was sitting next to me sends a message on Instagram to Pamela Prati saying that I was making fun of her, so she got offended, blocked me on whatsapp, on social networks, everywhere. I’m sorry because I like her too. I didn’t mean to offend her, I was just doing a TikTok.

The surgeon of the VIPs also knows Eleonoire Ferruzzi:

I really liked her, in the end she’s a character, but if I were her I would have given up on boys, love. But she’s very impulsive, so it’s difficult. The Big Brother it’s also fiction, so it depends on how you fit into the House. I set myself limits, I’m talking about this, I’m not talking about this. I’m here for what? To make people laugh? to entertain? It depends on the spirit in which you enter.

She had to let go of the sentimental sphere, that’s it. Otherwise I’m not saying her but the Big Brother looks like an engagement agency. Couples are formed but al Big Brother it’s all surreal. Many fall apart because everything is speeded up inside the house, there aren’t the timings that exist outside. The fact that you find love inside the House is a very particular thing, either it’s great or it’s terrible.

Friend also an undisputed protagonist of the current edition of Gf Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi:

I know her very well, she’s a friend of mine. Antonella she is a very frank girl, if she has to tell you something she has to tell you, if she has to love someone she loves them. I spoke to her before she entered the Gf Vip. We knew more or less who entered the boys. She told me Antonino was nice. Gianluca? I don’t know anything about all that stuff. I knew she had a boyfriend. It’s not something we talked about. Knowing her, Edward I don’t even think it’s her genre, if she fits it means that she really likes it. He will like her temperamentally, I don’t know. Then I’m not in his brain.

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Gf Vip 7, a former Vippone tough against Geneva Lamborghini

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