Gf Vip 7, ex Vippone attacks the cast, then comments on Antonella and Attilio

The former contestant of the Gf Vip 6 Amedeo Goria gave a long interview to Turquoisethe program of Turquoise Barracks broadcast on Radio Cusano Campus.

The journalist first revealed that last year he entered the Home of the Big Brother Vip 6 because he was unable, after medical tests, to leave for Honduras and join the cast of TheIsland of the Famous.

In truth I had to go to theIsland of the famous, then I had some extrasystoles, which many have by the way. The production is always quite concerned about the health of the competitors, also because they are clearly forced to lead a difficult life, therefore to lose considerable weight by eating little or nothing. So in the end, being no longer very young, they advised me not to do it. And then Gentlemen and the production of Big Brother VIP they were interested in me and gave me this chance.

On the relationship with his ex-wife Maria Theresa Route and the daughter Guendawho together participated in the Gf Vip in the previous edition:

I with Guenda I have a particular relationship, we often argue, then clearly we want each other well…the father is always very close to his daughter. I miss it a lot when it’s not there, but when it’s there I suffer it. When I have to talk to her, I call her fiancé, I think my next husband, who is more relaxed and feel the way. With her the most abrupt relationship. I am grateful to Maria Teresa for his work with our children. I have sometimes been away for work, she has always been a very involved and present mother despite the work. However, the relationship has always been intense, we all experience each other’s events.

The only vice I have is sex‘: this is the motto pronounced several times by Goriawhich he said became “a cult, a must“.

I am a proponent of inviting those who are no longer young to still get busy, love sex and sexuality. It’s good, it keeps you younger. I always say that by the time I lose interest in the opposite sex, I will have truly aged. This extroversion of mine is the result of the many complexes I had when I was little, that is, up to the age of 30. I considered myself ugly, I stuttered, then I got to land on Tg1.

Although he was and still is a ‘Don Juan’, the woman he loved the most was the Rue: conquer her, he said, “it was a miracle“. “It ended because of me, because I became quite well known and this favored forms of infidelity that she has not forgiven“, He admitted. As for the romance with Vera Miales31 years younger, Gory he confirmed: “It’s been over for eleven months. She too got angry about a story that didn’t turn out to be true. But now she gets along quite well with Guenda“.

Talking about Big Brother VIPsaid he remained on good terms with all the competitors who took part in the sixth edition:

I was at the birthday party the other night Jessica Selassie, I remained friends with everyone. I was sad not to go to the wedding of Francesca Cipriani because I had a bit of covid. I am friends with Soleil, Alex, Delia…but in reality this is a mistake. Giucas he always voted for me because I didn’t mind.

The reporter also expressed his opinion on the current edition of Reality show:

Compared to Gf Vip this year, last year there were big names, not this year. And we laughed even more, now there’s always a lot of hatred, malice and anger. However, this is going well: whether it’s really VIP or semi-VIP, it works the same because the staff and the authors are very good at creating dynamics. It doesn’t seem like that to me Gf vip there is the explosive and volcanic strength that last year’s competitors had. It means that it works regardless of the content.

A comment, then, on the colleague Atilius Romitain the cast of the current edition:

Before going he had called me. She continues to move forward in spite of her partner. She is amazing me. The speech with Sarah Altobello there can be, as I last year with Ainettso there is that he loses his head for the Altobello. I love him, but his attitude fluctuates. If it wasn’t a table game studied with her partner, it means that he really got into her. But then you can’t spit on the plate you tried to eat from.

He therefore sent a message to the former half-length of Tg1: “You’ve had 6 months, if you care about your partner, quit the game! Don’t get caught in two brackets”. Then insinuating: “If he doesn’t, it’s because he wants to be the protagonist or because it’s something prepared at the table with his partner“.

I don’t think he can win Big Brother anyway“, he concluded Gory.

Finally, an opinion on Antonella Fiordelisi:

Antonella she’s my friend’s ex Francesco Chiofalo. She’s a beautiful girl, but she couldn’t care less. Eighty percent she uses Edoardo Donnamariabecause the couple is functional to the program.

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Gf Vip 7, ex Vippone attacks the cast, then comments on Antonella and Attilio

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