Gf Vip 7, ex Vippone defends Nikita: “It is true bullying towards him”

A former competitor of the Big Brother Vip 6 spoke on the behavior of the current tenants of the Cinecittà loft towards Nikita Pelizon.

We are talking about Biagio D’Anelli which, in the last episode of its format ‘Gossip goodies‘ condemned the ‘vipponi‘ of the Gf Vip 7taking the defense of the influencer from Trieste.

Today I want to reveal a little gem of gossip but I also want to put my face in it, as always, to defend a girl who is unjustly attacked in the House. Which is unjustly discredited”, began the columnist of Barbara D’Urso. “And I hope – he added – that Big Brother, masterfully as always, take the defense of this girl, but above all let her see everything that is happening behind her back, that she, in my opinion, doesn’t know most of the things“.

D’Anelli he then explained:

Let’s go in order: Nikita Pelizon. There is who throw the salt, some discredit her, some say she needs to get engaged to play, some say she goes from one man to another, some say she’s fake. For my part, following the reality, it’s all false what the competitors say. But, alas, to emerge, certain people need to ‘common’ and need to ‘bully’. Because this, in my opinion, is real bullying because if one has problems or if there are things that are not right, it is very nice to take the person concerned aside and say what one feels. Not making ‘joining’ together with five, six, seven people without the knowledge of the person directly concerned and discrediting even telling and boasting lies.

The former face of Big Brother 11 then revealed a detail about the past of Wilma Goich:

I want to throw you a gossip gem: Wilma Goich stated that Nikita Pelizon He says ‘ah, i like that, i like that one‘. So she has no personality and needs the flirting because he has no artistic ambitions. Attention, I want to remind the lady Wilma Goich that in 1966, when she began her fantastic career, she became engaged to a certain, who was unknown at the time and is now a great comedian and performer who represents comedy in Italy, Teo Teocoli. Well yes, Wilma Goich got engaged to Teo Teocoli. Mr Teo Teocoli very much in love, but she magically got married after a year and a half Edward Vianello. Okay, so she passed by Teo Teocoli to Edward Vianello to make the group and sing.

He then concluded with a consideration:

So isn’t this also a situation to emerge, if we were to compare it? This is my humble opinion. Anyway, I feel sorry for mr Teo Teocoli if all this happened. Parenthesis closed. Nikita Pelizon. I hope the Big Brother show her all the havoc and all the crap they are plotting behind her back. So that she at least makes a decision and looks them in the face one by one to discredit them and distance herself from fake friends and fake competitors who need to discredit her to emerge.

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Gf Vip 7, ex Vippone defends Nikita: “It is true bullying towards him”

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