Gf Vip 7, Giovanni Ciacci is the first official competitor: “We will talk about HIV”

Giovanni Ciacci is officially a competitor of the week edition of Big Brother Vip. To confess on the pages of Chi, the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini, presenter of the reality show, is the same stylist.

Having become popular thanks to “Detto Fatto”, his participation in the House has a single, great goal: to talk about HIV-positive, still considered a taboo today. Today, compared to the 1980s, things have changed. Research has made great strides, thanks to antiretroviral treatments, those who have contracted the virus can live like everyone else and even for a long time. However, there still remain those prejudices and discriminations that, despite the “evolution of the species” in society, remain hard to break down.

Giovanni Ciacci also lives with this pathology, but as he stated in the interview he remained the same person as before.

There is no before and after illness. I have always been a sunny person, outgoing, rowdy, curious and thirsty for life. Even after I remained the same. I still have the desire to mess, but I stopped to try to understand what was happening to me. And I can say with confidence that I think I have understood many things ».

I realized firsthand that being HIV positive is still a huge social stigma today. Yet today we can live with HIV, we are no longer limited to surviving and this is important to say with great clarity. As it must be said that HIV affects everyone, regardless of the sexual orientation of each one.

We are 40 years behind, we are still stuck in the Eighties. Today we don’t have to cure AIDS, we have to take care of the closure of people, we have to fight ignorance, we have to break down the prejudices that are still raised against those who are sick. Being biased towards us HIV positive today no longer makes sense.

We no longer have the HIV virus in our blood. It is no longer traceable. Do you know what this means? It means we can lead a life like any other person’s. We can have children without transmitting HIV to them. We can make love with our partner or our partner without a condom because we no longer transmit anything. If absurdly I cut my veins in front of you and you came into contact with my blood nothing would happen to you, simply because there is no virus in my blood. It is in my genetic mapping, it is there if I stop treatment, but if I take care of it, no one runs any risk.

Giovanni Ciacci recalled that it is also important not to lower the level of guard:

Today there is less and less talk of HIV. The boys are not informed. And the birth rate of those who get sick is always lower. There are 18-year-olds already under treatment who will have to take medication for life. We must not tire of recommending the use of condoms, because it is true that today I can lead a normal life, it is true that the quality of my life is that of any healthy person, but it is equally true that antiretroviral treatments are heavy for the our body, they are toxic like any medicine, they can promote cancer or cardiovascular diseases, especially if you do not lead a healthy life. You have to undergo checks every six months.
So it is better not to get sick: we must be clear about this. But if you get sick it’s not the end of the world. You can live well anyway.

Giovanni Ciacci then told of the discrimination suffered:

In many ways, in a subtle, nasty way. But I have great luck: being able to tell it in a newspaper, on television. Think of all those people who cannot do it because they are afraid to say it, in the family, at work, with a partner or a partner. I speak for all of them. You know, Alfonso, I am big and fat, I am six feet tall and I weigh one hundred kilos. For me you can hardly scratch the armor, but sometimes they have managed to scratch my soul. One episode among others… I was told that a famous colleague of mine went to a network manager in her company to tell him not to let me work because I was sick. There and then I felt betrayed, humiliated, pissed off, then I said to myself “Do you know what? I will show you that I can work uncovered, and I will take the opportunity to be able to reach many people who follow me on TV to tell what it means today to be HIV positive ”. So, here I am. If this chat of mine with you can make even one person feel that they are not alone, I have already won. And I thank you, Alfonso, for being by my side in this battle. I say this to my friend, but above all to the director of a great newspaper, to the host of a great program: we need to inform people. Because discrimination kills more than disease right now.

As we said at the beginning, Giovanni Ciacci is the first official competitor of Big Brother Vip:

I adore!!! I will put a spotlight on this disease and it will be the first time that HIV will be discussed in a very popular prime-time program. You and Mediaset have given me a great chance and I really want to thank you for this.

For the first time in the history of a reality show, an HIV-positive contestant will be part of the cast:

I know many colleagues who in the past, even in the very recent past, were excluded from reality shows because they had HIV. From today, thanks to you, we HIV-positive will no longer feel ghettoized. And this is a big step towards civilization.

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Gf Vip 7, Giovanni Ciacci is the first official competitor: “We will talk about HIV”

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