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Big Brother Vip, the current edition in progress, the seventh to be exact, is offering exclusives and crazy exits, which are displacing not only Alfonso Signorini, his charismatic host, but also the public at home. And now a former participant ditches everything …

After his exit from the Most spied house in Italy the woman has been a real raging river on Instagram and that could seriously be compromising… But what did he ever say? And – above all – who are we talking about? Out with the name …

GF Vip YouBee

The woman’s outburst started like a river in flood after her exit from the reality show: “Hi everyone, I’m back to reality. Going out and finding all of this was for me a hard blow to the heart. I was unaware of all this, I spent three days thinking before trying to write something on Instagram. I have been very ill. Only now do I realize what has passed and how different it was from the reality I was experiencing. I entered the house enthusiastically GF Vip, an experience that for me meant rebirth ”. And here the fans of her, including those of the first hour, began to feel the palpitations, what would she add shortly after?

“I felt I deserved a bit of lightheartedness and fun by putting on anyway in discussion for better or for worse. I found myself a lot of insults that hurtand, I would just like to be able to clarify a topic that then marked my path ”, pointed out the woman, who in the past had already participated in the father of all reality shows but not in his VIP version. Did you understand who we are talking about?

He didn’t want to hurt Bellavia

“The fifth day when Marco Bellavia he was a bit down “- he continued -” we found ourselves in the room and he confessed to me that he wanted to go away, to abandon the game. To spur him on – and it was the second time I did it – I told him “Marco enjoy this experience, you are lucky, you have a son who loves you outside, don’t get into the pathetic, don’t be pathetic“. At that moment I thought I was talking to a quiet, serene person, I certainly couldn’t know that after a few days she could collapse with everyone so deeply. He was cute and he told me thank you, my intent was just to bring it up. Also because he too was always nice and polite with me ”.

And now after this yet another confessionwe reveal to you, although many will have already understood it, if they are following the program carefully, that it is the marvelous one Carolina Marconi who has now decided to clarify some of his behaviors that are not very popular with viewers.

“I’m not a bulla”, the bitter outburst of Carolina Marconi

“Unfortunately the Web has only taken a piece of my dialogue where I tell him “you’re pathetic”without putting all the rest of our speech by making me pass for a bulla. Absurd. Comparing me to all the bad things that have really been said about him! They yelled at me “You are the shame of Italy”. Why all this hate? You can tell me everything: that I am unpleasant that I have a bad temper … Clearly I cannot please everyone, but I cannot accept this … “, thus continued with her outburst the woman who then, in speaking, touched another very painful text, or that of the disease.

These are his words about it that cannot leave us indifferent: “They told me to make a distinction between series A or series B illness, to me who I have lived the last two years in hospitals by helping everyone, who is not yet out of danger, can I ever distinguish between illnesses? They wished me death, may my tumor come back and this time be lethal! I could not believe!”

Clearly, as many of her fans and friends have pointed out to her through comments, many people don’t really know it ergo it is sometimes difficult to understand certain phrases or certain attitudes said and done within a program, as – moreover – also underlined the same, saying: “I think that those who know me well know thatand I have always defended the most fragile and I’m fighting against all forms of violence, bullying and prevention of all kinds. “

Carolina Marconi is a river in flood since its exit from the most watched house in Italy
Carolina Marconi and her outburst on Instagram YouBee

Carolina he then wanted to put the classic ”dots on the” on the airing of the video, which was never broadcast in its entirety, of her dialogue with Bellavia, for which she was literally put “in the pillory”.

“I will never be able to humiliate anyone because what I have felt in recent years marks your soul. I asked the GF for the video of the entire dialogue so as to make your considerations. I also heard Marco in these days and he told me to be strong because he knows the truth how things went, he knows that when he cried at night in our room I was one of the first to sound the alarm in the confessional, saying several times to intervene because Marco was not well. But unfortunately they did not show this, as well as other good things I think I have done within the Home and not just quarrel “. So the former star of Bim bum bamcould decide to intervene in broadcast or on social media to tell the true version of the facts, or maybe he will do it through a nice interview?

The gieffina then clearly wanted to underline, at the end of her very long message, just before sending a metaphorical hug to her fans, who are still very numerous, some points that are most dear to her, still naming, indirectly, Bellavia: “I have always defended him and never attacked him, he told me” Carolina, don’t worry, I know who you are “. Unfortunately, I gradually turned off because I had understood that his release was a defeat for all of us anyway. Slowly I will tell you everything now I just want to take my life back in hand. “

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GF Vip, the former vip has discovered everything out of the house: red alert for the authors – Youbee Magazine

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