GF Vip, time for intrigue: George-Nikita, slip-ups and the Wilma case

Something is not right in the House of Big Brother Vip 7. During the night, new details have emerged that are causing discussion on the web. In particular, a statement by Wilma Goich generated astonishment. With 11% of the votes, the singer was eliminated from the public through televoting. Once she arrived at the studio, she discovered that she had the lucky envelope, containing the return ticket. And up to here everything is in order, except that Wilma herself claimed that she did not choose the cup.

Speaking with Attilio Romita and Milena, Goich admitted that for her the 5, which identifies her cup, is a very important number. At this point, the reporter asked her roommate: “Did you choose that cup?”. To this question, Wilma gave an answer that is making people talk on social media: “No, they gave it to me”. At this point, viewers became suspicious of her return. Many believe that it was all piloted so that there were not two gieffins to leave the game, since Patrizia Rossetti had just left the game.

For many users on Twitter, something is not right about Wilma’s return. It is also likely that Goich expressed herself incorrectly and failed to explain to her roommates how that cup was chosen. Meanwhile, the singer ended up at the center of the storm after the 26th episode of GF Vip 7 due to an unfortunate sentence against Nikita Pelizon.

Slip for Wilma, not the first. Talking to Luca Onestini about Nikita, Goich said: “You need a psychiatrist, other than advice”. This sentence was not liked by the public and, in particular, by Pelizon fans, who are defending her against everything and everyone. Just a few days ago, the gieffina team intervened announcing serious measures.

Big Brother Vip: George moves away from Nikita, why?

In these days, George Ciupilan and Nikita Pelizon have drifted apart. Initially the public was passionate about the great friendship born between the two in the Casa di Cinecittà. But now, unexpectedly, the two struggle to even speak to each other. Finally they had the long-awaited discussion on their friendship which now seems to have come to an end.

George initially asked Nikita if she expected a defense from her when attacked by Luca Onestini. In fact, Pelizon fans accuse the young gieffino of never having exposed himself to defend his friend. But this is not what the competitor expected from Ciupilan. She probably already knew that George wouldn’t get in the way, since she knows his character so well.

Not only that, Nikita stated that she didn’t expect anything from him in this case because she knows that he has a friendship with Luca Onestini. At this point, George explained her point of view.

“To me, you’re both people I spend and spend most of my time with here, with you in the beginning and with him now. When you two argued… I’m sorry because you are two people with whom I have a good relationship and on the other hand they are in a difficult situation”

Nikita was sympathetic towards her friend, but also admitted that she did not understand why he suddenly turned away from her. Pelizon hypothesized that there was something else behind her departure: her sudden approach to Antonella Fiordelisi, with whom she has had a very turbulent relationship in recent weeks.

And that’s not even the reason. “It is for another thing that you told me. Do you remember? Eh, you don’t remember that”George said. Thus a new mystery was ignited for the fans of these two friends. What did Nikita ever say to George? What has been intuited is that the strange rapprochement between Antonella and Nikita from one day to the next has something to do with it.

“If you explained it to me, it’s because you know or understand what I’m referring to, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to tell me such a thing”Ciupilan replied.

GF Vip, Antonella and Edoardo get closer: she is accused

Wilma is not the only one accused, in these hours, of having used an unfortunate phrase. Antonella Fiordelisi is another gieffina who he would have used words that have annoyed many viewers: “Go to a psychologist when you leave here… I don’t need to, I’ve never been there”. For many users on social networks it is serious that Antonella makes the fact that a person goes to the psychologist appear something out of the ordinary.

After the heated confrontation during the episode of 2 January 2023, there was a rapprochement between Edoardo Donnamaria and Fiordelisi. The former face of Forum took the first step during the night, according to the videos that are running on social networks. She would have promised the gieffina that she will never hurt him. Instead, Edoardo went out of balance by stating that he always thinks of her and that he can’t keep his distance from her.

Does this represent a clarification that will bring peace between them? Antonella has appeared in these hours reluctant to let go again with Donnamaria after what happened. And, in the meantime, Alberto De Pisis – on which he came out yesterday an interesting scoop concerning Donnamaria – seems to want to take advantage of this situation.

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GF Vip, time for intrigue: George-Nikita, slip-ups and the Wilma case

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