Giulia De Lellis, who escaped the tragedy: no one thought she could do it

Giulia De Lellis travel drama
Giulia De Lellis reveals the drama

Giulia De Lellis confesses it only now: drama for the influencer, the long outburst displaces the fans. Here’s what it is.

In the last few hours, Giulia De Lellis has revealed that she has experienced a tragedy on her own skin. No one could have imagined that it could happen to her. Let’s find out all the details together.

Julia DeLellis he is certainly one of the best known faces on the web, his debut in the world of entertainment took place thanks to Men and women. Several years have passed since the young woman went down the stairs in Maria De Filippi’s show, but still today fans remember every moment perfectly. At the time she decided to participate in the program to woo Andrea Damante. The two eventually chose each other and remained together for a few years. Then came the experience at Big Brother VIPjust as the young woman was in the reality show, some rumors emerged about an alleged one betrayal of the tronista. Unfortunately, in the end they turned out to be true, so much so that Giulia even wrote a book entitled: “Horns look good on everything, but I was better off without them“.

It was difficult for De Lellis to overcome this terrible moment, but thanks to the new acquaintance with Charles Beretta he found his smile again. Currently the two have been together for some years and live together in a beautiful apartment in Milan. The couple loves traveling very much, so much so that they returned to Italy a few days ago after a long adventure betweenAmerica and the Caribbean. But in the past few hours, the Influencer has returned to the spotlight due to a revelation that has made her fans very concerned. The short story was to say the least dramatic, we came close to escaping the tragedy. Let’s see his words together.

Giulia De Lellis, the drama displaces the fans: “It was a tragedy”

The problems for Julia DeLellis they seem to never end, now the influencer has decided to indulge in a long outburst on social media explaining the latest tragic events he has had to deal with. As many of her fans know, the young woman has just returned from a long trip with her boyfriend Carlo Beretta. The two have chosen as a destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve New York and St. Barth. Unfortunately, what should have turned out to be a beautiful adventure has turned into a tragic mishap. For this reason, once the influencer returned to Italy, she vented to her followers by revealing the dramas she had to deal with in the last few days. “Yesterday we waited I don’t know how long the return flight which inexplicably did not take off.” Giulia revealed when talking about her return trip.

Giulia De Lellis travel drama
Tragic journey for Giulia De Lellis

They were the same problems he had to deal with on the leg of the outward journey. For this reason, she and her partner opted for private jet to take them immediately to Italy. For De Lellis, even this flight was not the best, in fact she did not hide her fears due to the small size of the vehicle. Finally, Giulia made it clear that perhaps it was better to stay at home: “vthe I swear, this vacation has been one continuous comic tragedy.” What do you think about it?

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Giulia De Lellis, who escaped the tragedy: no one thought she could do it

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