Goodbye Gianni Sperti, the press release comes like this: there may be nothing more to do –

Gianni Sperti – Direct Line 24

Rumors are multiplying according to which Gianni Sperti is about to bid farewell to the Mediaset program “Men and Women”. Here’s what happens…

Gianni Sperti has always been in the spotlight since he married Paola Barale. The two were together for about four years, then divorced in the early 2000s. From that moment on, rumors of alleged homosexuality of man’s are multiplied.

Francesca Fagnani during an interview with Belve he asked Paola Barale if the rumor about her alleged homosexuality or that of her ex-husband had surprised her more. The woman replied: “So, um, I hate gossip regardless and I don’t follow the gossip about my ex husband. I don’t know what people say about Gianni Sperti. Mine amazes me more though”. Additionally, he added that his exes hadn’t been loyal because they hadn’t shown his true nature.

Furthermore, in 2020 during an argument with a former Throne Over lady, the dancer had said a suspicious sentence: “She allowed herself to tell me ‘I’m not like you who beats your heart every five minutes’, as if I were one that passes many every five minutes, therefore, has offended me in a serious way”. This sentence has never been clarified by man. However, when asked if he was gay, he replied: “Even if you were to me It’s not something that needs to make headlines”.

Yet, still today the man is single. So he motivated it: “This is precisely the problem, i don’t like anyone but i don’t even try to try and find a person. I’m still single, and the more time passes the more difficult it becomes to think of living as a couple”.

Gianni Sperti: is the definitive farewell to Men and Women about to arrive?

Gianni Sperti has recently been interviewed for the weekly magazine Men and Women. The dancer had a very long career in the dance world and then decided to work permanently for Italian television. First he worked in La Sai Ultima ?, then for Buona Domenica until he became a permanent member of Amici’s professionals by Maria De Filippi.

Gianni Sperti – Direct Line 24

However, since 2000 he became commentator for the Canale 5 date show Men and Women, where he still works today. In the course of the others he has also achieved some success on social networks, where he is widely followed and admired. Popularity certainly came with Maria De Filippi’s program. However, he may leave the program forever because he seems interested in changing the course of his career again.

Indeed, as he told the magazine, the change could come as early as 2023. The man said: “Personally and professionally I would like to experiment, challenge myself. I hope that next year will bring me something new because I always need new stimuli”. Could this be the definitive farewell to the date show for the dancer? We’ll only find out over the next year.

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Goodbye Gianni Sperti, the press release comes like this: there may be nothing more to do –

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