Grand Hotel 3 Previews 5 August 2022: The Third Episode aired Tonight on Canale 5

Here is what will happen in the third installment of the third installment of the Spanish television series, Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passions!

After the second episode from Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passionsaired Friday 29 July 2022, tonight Friday 5 August 2022, at 21.20 on Canale 5will be broadcast the new episode of the third chapter of the Spanish TV series with Yon Gonzalez Luna, Pedro Alonso And Megan Montaner.

Grand Hotel: Where we stayed …

Diegoin the end, decides to sign the deed of sale of the Grand Hotel: Cecilia is ready to take over the hotel, to transform it into a private residence. The hotel, therefore, may soon close its doors to customers. Donna Teresaso that this does not happen, pushes Javier to marry Laura. The latter is not a simple Red Cross nurse: she is a rich heiress. After thinking about it for a long time, the boy accepts the idea of ​​getting married with her Montenegro. Their marriage, however, could cause a number of problems at the Alarconproblems he couldn’t foresee: the wife hides a dark secret. Meanwhile, on the advice of Julio, Alicia will let herself be hypnotized by Maite. Thanks to the hypnosis session, the blonde could be able to fill the gaps in her memory. In fact, Alarcon must recover the memories of her kidnapping. The troubles, however, have just begun for the girl, and for the brother of the late Cristina Olmedo. In the meantime, and in this regard, one of Alicia’s kidnappers, Ezquiel, introduces himself to the despicable hotel managermaking a particular request. The Murquiato safeguard yourself, frames the lawyer: Maite is taken hostage by the thug! Finally, the understanding between Sofia and Father Grau is getting stronger and strongerso that she confesses to him that she is a killer

Grand Hotel: The Plots of the Fifth and Sixth Episodes of the Third Season

Ezequiel, one of Alicia’s kidnappers, was killed in prison. Diego can show off the best of his grins: EzequielNow, he can no longer unmask him! Ayalathough, just when the thug was taken out, received an enigmatic note with the words: “In Cain is the truth”. When they know about it, Julio, the beloved And Maite begin to follow this trail to try to unravel the mystery.. and they will end up being shocked by what they discover. Meanwhile, Andres is putting his heart and soul into trying to win back Camila’s trustwhich was manipulated by Belen. The latter, however, will continue to intrudedetermined as she is not to give up her role as the heiress’s wife. Alfredoinstead, he learns that King Alfonso XII himself is at the Grand Hotel, but in disguise; Like this, the fallen marquis tries to get in touch with himwith the hope that it will succeed in get his help to regain possession of the noble title. Focused as he is on this issue, Alfredo does not realize that, by now, Sofia and Father Grau have gone further: no longer only faithful and confessor. Meanwhile, Javier and Laura return from their honeymoon in Paris, enThey have no good news for Donna Teresa. Finally, The protagonist, the Alarcon And the lawyer they learn the true identity of the hotel manager: in reality, his name is Adrian Vera Celande. Now the trio must strive to obtain the necessary evidence to prove it and, therefore, to cancel the marriage between the blonde and Murquia. Too bad that, in the meantime, Maite realized she fell in love with Olmedoand Alicia she seems to have realized it …

The second episode of the third season from Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passions goes on the air this evening, Friday 29 July 2022at 21.20 on Channel 5.

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Grand Hotel 3 Previews 5 August 2022: The Third Episode aired Tonight on Canale 5

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