Guendalina Tavassi tells of her husband’s beatings: “Beaten in the head, he broke my nose”

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The 36-year-old tells in the courtroom the content of her complaint to her husband Umberto D’Aponte, from whom she is separating: “He insulted me and threw objects at me”

Twelve episodes of mistreatment, injury, damage in the last four years of a marriage that began in 2013 and told in a complaint that is the basis of a trial with immediate rite. On the one hand, the TV face Guendalina Tavassi, on the other Umberto D’Apontereached last February first by a ban on approaching and then by an arrest order (for having violated the measure) while the consensual separation was in progress.
Divorce has become judicial, he is under house arrest today and she retraced the contents of her complaint in the hearing that opened the hearing in the courtroom (told yesterday by The messenger).

The first episode reported in the indictment of prosecutor Eugenio Albamonte is dated October 2017: a throwing of objects into the house during a quarrel out of jealousy ends up breaking a window whose glass falls into the cradle of his son Salvatore. Then a tug in the car and punches and kicks on the front door in the following two years. On December 30, 2020, another escalation, when he slaps her in front of her children while insulting her with phrases like “You are a p … you suck .. you are a z .., you are a trans” in response to her urges to find a job. From there it gets worse and worse, until the key episode in which he chases her and hits her with a baseball bat, again in the presence of her children (and this is one of her aggravating matters, in addition to her futile reasons) .

“He beat me on the head,” says the 36-year-old in court, assisted by the lawyer Lucia Cristina Arquilla. “It was a constant threatening and denigrating me,” she adds. “He also broke my nose by throwing my car keys at me.” In her denunciation of her she also reports that the 38-year-old fakes an epileptic fit when she tells him her intention to separate. The relationship, even in the most turbulent part, was she has already told on social media. She herself announced the arrest of her husband, claiming the validity of her accusations: “People in jail go there for what you did, no one invented anything. It works that if you violate the law, the law then punishes you … You can’t understand what I’m going through so I ask you please don’t break my c … i, don’t get in the middle of this story because I don’t want any just talk. “

She herself had shown, still on social media, the swollen face after the episode of the key toss. Even here, however, the defense of D’Aponte starts, assisted by the lawyers Graziano Sabato and Giovanni Laricchio. The photo, they say, does not show the fracture of the nose and in reality it would have been a random launch during an argument in which she was chasing his car on foot. The baseball bat episode, they add, it is not supported by a medical report and the service records of the agents who intervened on the call of the woman have already been filed, who says she does not want to highlight the episode because it could harm her career and describe the children “calm and in excellent health “.

At the basis of the separation there would be the extra-marital relationship of D’Aponte, owner of a car dealership. An agreement had been found, but in a meeting with the lawyers to work out the details she records the conversationhe discovers her and yet another quarrel arises with D’Aponte destroying her cell phone: «I was recording it because I was afraid of her reactions – she recalls in the classroom -. I told him and he went on a rampage by attacking me. ‘ The ban on approach arises from here and is turned into arrest when he meets her new partner outside school, and the two eventually fight.

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Guendalina Tavassi tells of her husband’s beatings: “Beaten in the head, he broke my nose”

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