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Belen is today one of the most popular showgirls in our country where – we can safely say – she has found “America”, since it is here that she has known success and true love. But if she today she is always on the crest of the wave and very much in love with her husband Stefano De Martino, in her past it was not “all rosy”. And now a dramatic episode emerges in which she spoke of “guns to the head”. Her fans scared and seriously concerned…

The woman, beloved by the Italians in the name of her beauty and her innate sensuality, as well as a top-notch physicality, does not hide her life before fame. And she tells – without filters – of a dramatic episode, which could turn into tragedy, when she was a child and still lived in the his Argentina

Belen YouBee

Belen, whatever he says and does, is always a source of immense interest for the gossip chronicle. After all, because of her love stories, she always gives very tasty ideas for articles and rumors for various paper and web magazines. And now that she’s been back for several months now to be a steady couple with Stefano De Martinoher husband and father of Santiago, the woman is experiencing a truly magical moment. So much so that it seems that the two have all the attention to expand the family. For the woman she would be the third child since in addition to the firstborn born with the charismatic dancer and showman from Campania, she also has the little Luna Marifruit of his love with the bel Antonino Spinalbesecurrently in the Most Spied House in Italy.

A career at the top

Also his career is booming and she is always very popular even on the Social from which – as you may remember – a few months ago he had decided to take a little break, then soon finished, however the immense joy of his fans, which are increasing more and more. Fans who – however – suffered a lot when they learned – through the mouth of their own darling – that there was so much pain in her past and – in particular – a very hard episode that bordered on tragedy. His words that shocked the whole of Italy…

The story of the drama

The episode – we say it immediately for the record – is not particularly recent and happened when the Argentine showgirl was still unknown and was in her homeland with her family to which she is – to say the least – very close and which is was, as it still is, its greatest strength.

At that time your country was experiencing a particularly delicate moment and where poverty was from mistress. And she and her loved ones were not wealthy!

These are her words, regarding the truly terrible episode, which split her heart in two: “One day they come to us. Eight of them, armed and addicted to glue. I was in the garden they grab me by the hair, they drag me inside. they bind us, guns to the head. They call me to the bathroom. Alone. I think: ‘if not me they kill everything else is fine, the rest I can forget”.

The drama of Belen Rodriguez
Belen YouBee

Certainly harsh words that cannot leave one indifferent and that they will have procured a new pain in the heart of the woman who shortly after added : “When Menem comes to power he sells state-owned companies to the Americans, including large companies such as Pepsi Cola whose my grandfather was assistant managerwell at that moment Argentina falls into a deep economic crisisica. People mortgage their houses, their cars. We too, from one day to one else we lose the housewithout being able to take anything: sofas, beds, dishes, towels”.

In short, there was a lot of pain in her past but she, thanks to her strength of mind and her enormous courage, and to the love of her loved ones, she managed to get up and to become the beautiful woman she is today. Much more than a simple one diva!

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“Guns aimed at the head”: Belen kidnapped and tied up | The dramatic situation – YouTube Magazine

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