Happy birthday Manuela Arcuri, 46 years old today for the sensual showgirl

He celebrates 46 springs today, but he doesn’t seem to feel them at all. A perfect Mediterranean beauty, framed by a face that is hard to forget which has led her to be one of the most loved and dreamed of women by Italians in recent years. Manuela Arcuri for some time, however, has decided to stay less in the spotlight than her, to devote herself to her family.

After the birth of son Matthiasreceived from the building contractor John DiGianfrancescothe local showgirl is also invited to Giusti wedding with the historic companion. A dream wedding, celebrated last July in Bracciano, just as Manuela had always imagined it from an early age.

Manuela Arcuri, Italian showgirl

Manuela Arcuri, the beginnings in the entertainment world

With a statuesque and curvilinear physique like his, it was inevitable that the doors of the golden world of entertainment would soon open wide. Manuela Arcuri indeed began her career as model Of photo novels alone fifteen years, to then become the protagonist of various reports on prestigious magazines. Arcuri, thanks to her proverbial attractiveness, was also the protagonist of many shots without shame And calendars which have consolidated its status as sex symbol. After attending the art school, the actress graduated in 1997 at the Academy of Dramatic Art Peter Charoff From Rome.

The career of an actress

Manuela’s film debuts were not instantaneous. Manuela has gone from the traditional apprenticeship with roles of little importance. His first time on the big screen, in fact, was in 1993 in Diary of a vice Of Marco Ferreri. Later she worked, with Leonardo Pieraccioni neither Graduates, Pappi Corsicato in The black holesCarlo Verdone in Honeymoon And Carlo Vanzina in Stroll through time. But it’s the 1999 the year of the turning point. Thanks to the movie Water bath Of George Panarielloin which Manuela played Mara, a young and beautiful seller of donuts from Pietrasanta.

Manuela Arcuri actress
Manuela Arcuri, Italian showgirl

Manuela Arcuri, protagonist of Italian fiction

But it’s thanks to TV that Arcuri becomes a popular face of our country. Among the roles that made Manuela Arcuri famous is certainly her interpretation in the successful series Carabinieri. And what about the roles of strong and determined women who have characterized the long season of productions Ares Filmwith national-popular cult titles such as The honor and the respect, The sin and the shame or Pupetta – Courage and passion, where she was the absolute protagonist for the first time. Manuela Arcuri is not only a popular actress, but also conductor. We got to admire it in the programs Never say goals And Jokes aside. In 2002 she also took the stage of the Ariston Theater to support, with her colleague Vittoria Belvedere, Pippo Baudo in conducting the San Remo Festival. In 2014 she was instead a commentator on the Big Brotherwhile in 2019 it was a competitor to dancing with the Stars.

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Happy birthday Manuela Arcuri, 46 years old today for the sensual showgirl

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