Harry and Meghan devastation: the secret upsets the subjects. The news is shocking

Harry and Meghan may be hiding a secret. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Family is grappling with another major event. Let’s see what it is.

There death of Queen Elizabeth II sparked the spotlight and interest on the entire Windsor family. After a reign that lasted seventy years, now it’s up to the new king, Charles III, take over the reins and the inheritance of the mother and rule the dynasty and the royal monarchy. Many speak of a transition periodsince Charles is the first king to ascend the throne at such an age, but we know well how this family always reserves surprises that transgress initial expectations.

One of these is definitely the presence of the new Queen Consort Camilla Shandalways loved and close to the King, despite Lady Diana and the court scandals that this link has aroused.

But a Buckingham Palace the news is at home and you can already hear the first rumors about a small, possible secretwell hidden from Harry and the wife Meghan Markle.

The secret between Harry and Meghan

Let’s take a step back and go back to thatSeptember 8, 2022day of disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II at 96, at Balmoral Castle (Scotland). For days there had been a series of information on the very critical health of the Queen, a situation that alarmed the royals and her whole family.

Harry unfortunately could not arrive in time for the last farewell to Elizabeth II, being in America with his wife Meghanwhich has remained overseas because little well seen. King Charles III himself, in his first address to the nation, positively quoted his younger son and his wife, but veiled the clear intention of wanting them awayin America, to avoid trouble and gossip in his new kingdom.

Harry and Meghan

In fact, a few days later, Harry and Meghan went to Windsor accompanied by William and Kate. This exit was intended to show closeness to the subjects, thanking them for the great expanse of flowers, the affection addressed to the Queen who has just passed away. And it is precisely during this moment that the first doubts.

This collective meeting has aroused Big emotion because, after a long time, William and Harry have reunited, sharing the pain and the lack of the disappearance of their grandmother but there is much more to this situation.

In fact, it seems that Harry’s behavior towards Meghan hides a little secret. She, in her beautiful black dress, manifested bewilderment, confusion, disorientation, resolved thanks to instructions from William and the support of Harry who, with concern, always remained beside her. He did not go unnoticed a small, barely perceptible signal: the “swelling” of Meghan’s bellywhich made and portends a possible pregnancy. After Archie and Lilibeth Diana, could the couple’s third child be born?

Meghan pregnant

Nothing has been announced and confirmed. The Royal Family is currently involved in the many commemorative occasions dedicated to Queen Elizabeth IIwhich will culminate with the funeral expected for on September 19, 2022.

Perhaps at the end of this long moment of mourning, there will be room for new arrivals and new announcements.

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Harry and Meghan devastation: the secret upsets the subjects. The news is shocking

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