Harry and Meghan Markle, furious argument at the restaurant. “She dumped him”

Harry and Meghan Markle in crisis? Apparently so, since they were caught arguing animatedly in the restaurant, so much so that he left, leaving his wife alone with the rest of the company. A witness to the facts stated that it was “a disaster”. And the revenge of the Duchess was not long in coming, publicly disavowing her husband through her podcast.

Meghan Markle and Harry, furious quarrel

Harry e Meghan Markle therefore they would have had a heated discussion during a dinner in the Burmese restaurant Ojai, near their exclusive villa in Montecito. The couple was quietly spending the evening in the company of friends, talking about this and that, about their children, about the political elections in the United States, when suddenly the conversation got too animated and took an unexpected turn.

Harry and Meghan, regardless of being in public, would have raised their voices. The situation has become so heated that the Prince preferred to get up from the table and leave Meghan there alone along with the rest of the company. So Harry would have walked out on her so furious was he. This according to what some sources told the magazine New Idea.

The public scene would validate the rumors according to which the Sussex marriage is now fruitful. Experts on royal matters and those close to the couple prophesied time and time again that the relationship would not last. Even Queen Elizabeth’s lady-in-waiting went so far as to say that “it would have ended in tears” between Harry and Meghan. And it just seems like that. In addition to the fact that there are rumors of a divorce plan, supported by Carlo, William and Kate Middleton, to rescue Harry and bring him back to the Palace without the bulky and unbearable wife.

For her part, Meghan does not seem to have digested her husband’s scene and has seen fit to distance herself from him, unloading the tensions that have arisen with the Royal Family on him.

Harry deeply offended

Harry seems to be furious and embittered with his father Carlo who is trying in every way to remove Meghan first of all and consequently himself from the Monarchy. He has already threatened to strip Archie and Lilibet of the titles of Prince and Princess, he has already downgraded the Sussexes by putting them at the bottom of the Royal Family website. And now he has barred Harry from the role of substitute for the King. Indeed, in the event of illness or commitments abroad, the duties of the Sovereign are performed by the councilors of state, chosen from among the senior members of the Royal Family. As for Carlo, we are talking about William and Kate Middleton. But Her Majesty has decided to confer this title also on Princess Anna and Edoardo, completely excluding her son Harry who seems to have been deeply offended by what happened.

Meghan Markle dumps Harry

This time, however, Lady Markle, instead of consoling her husband and showing solidarity with him, has unloaded the blame for what happened. In fact, in her latest podcast she denied that the split from the Royal Family was due to her, that she had no weight in the decision to leave the Palace, that she did not want Megxit and that she really can’t stand that term . Words of fire that suggest that at the origin of the contrasts with Buckingham Palace there is only Harry with his frustrations gained from an early age, in an environment where he has always been considered the eternal second. And the title of his autobiography, Shootto be released on January 10th is a brilliant confirmation of this.

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Harry and Meghan Markle, furious argument at the restaurant. “She dumped him”

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