Harry and Meghan will be at Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee, but not on the balcony

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “thrilled” and “honored” to participate in the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II’s long-awaited Platinum Jubilee

Harry and Meghan in London for the Jubilee – first time they will reunite with their two children (eldest son Archie turns 3 today) with the whole Windsor family. From the time of the Mexgit. The dukes are “thrilled and honored to take part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee”. But will be “banned” from the expected appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace which will mark the climax of the great celebratory moment of the Platinum Jubilee

from the Queen Elizabeth. With them also Prince Andrew, Duke of York, will not find a place on the royal balcony.

«The appearance on the balcony is foreseen only for the members of the Royal family who are currently engaged with duties, with royal commitments, in the name of the queen, ”specifies the palace. And indeed with the Megxit Harry and Meghanthe couple of the Dukes of Sussex, took a step back and chose to step aside by renouncing the role of active members of the Royal family. As for Andrea, theout-of-court settlement to close the mess with Virginia Giuffreif it has removed an embarrassment from the Queen’s Jubilee, it certainly leaves traces of image.

After all, the announcement of Buckingham Palace is not surprising why the Jubilee will indeed be a great choral moment for the Windsors – all the more so after two years of lockdown, pandemic, Brexit. But also an opportunity to affirm some points capable of guaranteeing the survival of the crown in the coming years, decades. And the first is just that only the working Royals are entitled to the privileges that this role entails. As well as the burden of taking on many (and not always light) commitments on a daily basis in the name of the queen.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, on the day of the announcement of the exclusion of Harry and Meghan from the balcony of the Jubilee, the announcement of a new duty for Kate also arrives: the patronage of the Maternal Mental Health Awareness association. In short, another commitment that adds to the already dense book of royal patronages (with associated apparitions) for William’s wife. For all intents and purposes (with three children) one working mum.

In fact, the royals that have now been announced for the balcony appearance are those who have spent the most in recent months, lavished with their work in support of the crown. And the Royal dream team of Elisabetta: starting from Carlo and Camilla, William and Kate with their three children, of course. But also the Wessex, Sophie and Edoardo with their children. In addition to the beloved (and always workaholic) daughter of the queen, Princess Anna with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence. With the Kents and the Gloucesters and Princess Alexandra.

Then of course, there is also a question of image. The queen cannot forget the gravity of the affair in which Prince Andrew let himself be dragged, a sword of Damocles on the Jubilee removed only with a very salty accord. For Harry and Meghan, on the other hand, the two poisonous TV interviews released after their Megxit weigh on. The latest one month ago at the Invictus Games.

And in that “careful consideration”, that careful consideration given by the queen to the list of Windsors that will appear on the balcony – as announced by the royal palace today – there is therefore also this. A careful evaluation of who it was appropriate or not to admit to the balcony.

It can be concluded that the queen in this twilight of her Elizabethan era, 7 decades of history, want on the one hand to work as a peacemaker of family relationships. On the other hand, to act to design a more “sustainable” architecture of the monarchy in the coming decades.

The sovereign like Prince Charles knows very well that at the change of generation, at the relay on the throne, everything will end up under the lens of a society that is increasingly critical and attentive to the cost-benefit ratio. Also of the Royal family.

May 6, 2022 (change May 6, 2022 | 17:40)

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Harry and Meghan will be at Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee, but not on the balcony

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