Harry and the “meticulous revenge” against William: “Their relationship will not survive the new book”

In «Spare», the book to be released in a few days all over the world, Prince Harry would analyze the relationship with his brother «with detailed descriptions». So much so that a source tells the “Times” of London that the two will not be able to mend after the publication of the work (for which Harry has enlisted the author of “Open”)

“I don’t think the siblings’ relationship will survive this.”

Lapidaria, the source who had access to the text of theawaited autobiographical book
Spare, written by prince Harryis that was heard from Sunday Times from Londonleaves no room for manoeuvre.

And he explains that the «relationship between brothers is analyzed with detailed descriptions» that “bare” everything.

In short, words that suggest that Harry’s accusation against his brother William for having“shouted and yelled at him”
during the now infamous meeting in Sandringham on the eve of Megxit in 2020 (the Sussexes’ exit from the Royal family) was alone the start of a full-blown sibling battle.

The violent quarrelwith Harry’s accusations to William of breaking a covenant between them and with the scene where Meghan imitates a bow to the queenThey emerged during the Netflix series Harry & Meghan
in December.

The source consulted by Rosamund Urwin of the Times adds that the book (which will not be serialized in the press and which would reserve heavy thrusts for the press) traces Harry’s shock at the disappearance of his mother Diana and somehow also explains how Harry ended up reflecting on his wife Meghan the fears and concerns that what happened with Lady D would be repeated with her.

To write Harry’s memoir which will be released on January 10 (and since it has been bookable on Amazon is topped the charts in both the US and the UK) is a Pulitzer prize winner, John Joseph «JR» Moehringer, the same one whom tennis player André Agassi entrusted years ago (for the bestseller open). Pen of great talent and not new to tell the conflicting relationships between brothers.

«Who wrote Shoot he is a very talented author whom I know well and I am sure gave the right interpretation of the prince’s thought,” said al Courier writer and journalist Tina Brown. She is convinced that «Carlo will do everything to recover the relationship».

And indeed the King is determined to invite the Dukes of Sussex to his May 6 coronation.

Yes, Carl. How long Spare — according to the source — reserves other poisons on the relationship between Harry with William and Kate, would instead spare the king.

In short, Harry would have decided not to enter into conflict not only with his father, but above all with the institution. And this could well be considered as the viaticum to keep an open window for negotiation.

After all, if we also consider Diana’s confessions to Andrew Morton, we can see how the princess in those 90s was always respectful towards the institution. Well, to the queen.

As for Diana, who would have ample space in Harry’s story, the thing – as noted by Ingrid Seward director of Majesty — it’s not accidental. «They know very well that he is a personality who remains extremely popular. And what sells».

To promote his book, the prince who has chosen to step back from the Windsor Firm will rely on a Vandebilt. The family of «money nobility». Because he would define the agreement for an interview with Anderson Cooper, of the Vandebilt family, pen of Cbs. While in London the choice fell on Tom Bradby of ITV whom the prince has known and frequented for years.

Behind, directed by Dotti Irving, literary publisher who has already dealt with JK Rowling, the bestselling author of Harry Potter.

The book, which Harry promised from the start he would write “not as the prince I was born, but as the man I became”with its 416 pages and with the record contract torn by Harry, will serve to help the charities always in the prince’s heart: Sentebale, christened with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho which will receive 1.5 million dollars, and other charities such as WellChild which he has been following for 15 years and which will receive 300 thousand pounds.

January 1, 2023 (change January 1, 2023 | 6:47 pm)

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Harry and the “meticulous revenge” against William: “Their relationship will not survive the new book”

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