Harry blames the paparazzi for Diana’s death: “While she was dying, they photographed”

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The prince’s interview with journalist Tom Bradby for the launch of his book “Spare” . The rivalry with William and his brother’s episodes of violence. And the possibility of mending: «The ball is in their field»

LONDON – People’s wet hands, discomfort, guilt. The memories of that day when the world suddenly collapsed around him: the difficulty of meeting the public among a sea of ​​flowers, the impossibility of crying. “Why those wet hands? then I understood, they were tears ». time later, the photos of the Paris accident contained in a dossier: Diana’s “face, hands” the same color as her blond hair. “I believed it was a sign from the afterlife, then I realized that they were the photographers’ flashes. As she died, they photographed».

Prince Harry he got naked with journalist Tom Bradby in one of the television interviews he gave for the publication of his autobiogafia. The tragic disappearance of Lady D it is a trauma that has deeply scarred Harry’s life, like the duke points out in the book
(The minor the Italian title, Mondadori, on sale from Tuesday). The other great difficulty is being the second born, the spare, the substitute. If there has always been rivalry with William, there was also a lot of affection, which made the recent break particularly painful. There have been violent episodes, both in 2019, when William grabbed his brother by the neck and pushed him to the ground, and in 2021, on the occasion of Prince Philip’s funeral. “I’m talking about the red fog that I myself have had for many years,” explained Harry referring to the anger and frustration that have long consumed him. “I saw this pink mist in him. He wanted me to hit him, but I chose not to.”

The cover of the book «Spare, the minor». It will be published simultaneously worldwide on 10 January: in Italy the paper and digital version is by Mondadori

Bradby has been around for about 20 years a friend of the principe and confessed that he needed to lie down in bed after finishing the book. You began with a question that many perhaps ask themselves: why? “Because for eight years my story was told by other people, distorted and often made up. If I were still part of this institution I could not have done it. Not for money, then? «The family motto, never complain, never explain, actually just a motto, there are many complaints and many explanations. Now I explain, I speak, directly, not through the tabloids. I have been trying to communicate for years clearly with my family, but I couldn’t. They didn’t believe me, it’s not true, they answered me, you can imagine it».

The book begins with the recollection of that August night in 1997 in which Carlo sat on the bed and told him that his mother had been in an automobile accident. «I prayed that he would add that she was fine», but no confirmation came, until when the father said the words Harry didn’t want to hear. “Only now, as a parent, do I feel a lot of compassion for him, I can understand how many hours he spent wondering how to give us such news”. Harry also said that for a time he became convinced his mother was alive, that she had fabricated the incident to escape the tabloids. “A result of trauma.” The cocaine revelations and on the first sexual encounter, but also the family affections, the playful and witty relationship with the queen grandmother, the love for the father and the family. “I will always love him,” she stressed, while adding that the father was not ready to parent alone.

“One evening during a dinner at Highgrove I told him everything I was going through, he lowered his head and said in a low voice that it was probably his fault, that he should get me the help I needed.’ It wasn’t his fault, Harry explained, but I appreciated the apology. Harry and William had begged their father not to marry Camilla, but they wanted him to be happy, Harry specified: «Together they were and are». In turn, Carlo spoke to Harry about marrying Meghan: “He didn’t try to dissuade me but he had some reservations.” To William and Kate, however, Meghan was not nice already at the beginning. “Meg is difficult,” William repeated. “You treat the staff badly.” Harry says that at one point thebrother’s office began to spread negative information and judgments about Harry and Meghan. It was what had happened between Charles and Diana at the time of the separation and, still boys, William and Harry had promised that it would never go like this between them. As for the future, the Duke of Sussex specified that he still hopes for a reconciliation. If he still hasn’t decided whether he will go to his father’s coronation, he would like to mend relations with Charles and William. “The ball is in their court”he precised.

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Harry blames the paparazzi for Diana’s death: “While she was dying, they photographed”

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