Harry, in Spare the revelations about Charles III and the joke that hurt him: “I’m not your father”. Buckingham Palace’s no comment

“I wonder if I’m really your real father.” This, according to the stories of Prince Harry, one of the jokes, who loved to make him her father, making fun of the rumors according to which Lady Diana’s second son would be the son of one of her former lovers, Major James Hewitt. Relations in the British Royal Family do not look set to ease easily, especially now that Harry’s long-awaited book, ‘Spare’ has indeed been launched.

Carlo, the paternity joke

The debate had already become heated in recent days, when, due to the erroneous sale of the volume in Spain, more rumors had spread. And the interviews made by Prince Harry a few days after the release have aggravated the situation: new revelations, further accusations, many indiscretions and even more numerous attacks. The volume’s publisher, Penguin Random House, called the volume “full of insights, revelations, self-analysis, and hard-won wisdom.”

Page after page, Harry offers for the first time his vision – and that of his wife Meghan – on the relationship between the couple and the family, up to the moment of the “break”. But it goes even further. And the prince, accusing his relatives of racism, announced that he doesn’t know if he will go to his father’s coronation. The royal family does not comment. And in the meantime, Harry, between interviews and books, points his finger at the many silences. And that joke about his paternity, which struck and pained him over time, precisely because it was based on a widely spread gossip.

“Dad liked to tell stories, and this was one of the best in his repertoire. It always ended with a burst of philosophising… I wonder if I’m really the Prince of Wales? I wonder if I’m your real father too?” Harry confessed. “He Laughed and laughed, though it was a remarkably unfunny joke, given the rumor just then that my real father was one of Mother’s ex-lovers: Major James Hewitt.”

The no comment from the building

Sources close to Charles let it be known that “The Palace is not commenting publicly on Spare, but relations between the royals and Harry have been torn apart”. According to other sources, Buckingham Palace already knew what Spare might contain. “There were undoubtedly fears about what Harry was about to write, in particular they were concerned that highly personal moments in their lives would be told.”

To make the media more lenient towards the couple made up of Carlo and Camilla, according to Harry, a “bad press” against the children would also have been activated. William and Harry would also try to talk to their father about it. “Pa was immediately angry. He started shouting that Willy was paranoid. We both were,” Harry wrote. “Just because we were getting bad press, and he was getting good, that didn’t mean his staff was behind it.”

Harry also said that he and William didn’t want their father to marry Camilla, but he assured that then, when this happened, any grievances had been put aside. Obviously not.


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Harry, in Spare the revelations about Charles III and the joke that hurt him: “I’m not your father”. Buckingham Palace’s no comment

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