Harry: ‘William and Kate made me dress up as a Nazi’ – World

Prince Harry unloads on his brother William and sister-in-law Kate part of the responsibility for the scandal of the Nazi uniform worn by the Duke of Sussex when he was 20 years old. The New York Post reports it citing some sources. In his autobiography Harry details the episode explaining that the Prince of Wales and his wife would tell him to put it on and then laugh. In the book Harry recalls that he was torn between the pilot uniform or the Nazi uniform. “I called William and Kate and asked them what they thought. They told me the Nazi uniform,” Harry recounts in the book, according to the New York Post.

Prince Harry also says he was physically attacked by his brother William, the Prince of Wales. The Guardian reports it, citing an excerpt from Harry’s book which will be released shortly and of which he has received a copy.

The episode took place in London in 2019, when William called Meghan Markle ‘difficult’ and ‘rude’. Harry denied the allegations, telling his brother that he was parroting the media narrative about his wife. The fight then turned violent and Harry said he “was grabbed by the scruff of the neck, ripped off the chain, and thrown to the ground”. Harry then remembers that his brother asked him not to tell Meghan and, in fact, initially he didn’t. However, Meghan noticed the scratches and Harry told her about the incident.

And the embarrassing previews of “Spare” – this is the title of the highly anticipated autobiography of the Duke of Sussex, released on January 10, are rampant today at the opening of all the British media. The story of William’s alleged assault – leaked in the American edition of the online Guardian, who was able to get their hands on a copy of the book in advance despite the stringent security measures of the publisher Penguin – is subject to flurry of comments and interpretations in these hours by analysts and royal correspondents. While for the moment the court is silent in the face of the insistent journalistic requests for confirmations or denials. Just as he had kept silent – at least officially – on the occasion of the recent “revelations” of the docu-series ‘Harry and Meghan’, aired on Netflix, or the previews of two TV interviews just granted by Harry himself in anticipation of the launch of the book.

The Guardian, moreover, reports other gory details taken from the book. For instance the unpublished revelation of Harry according to which William and Kate, then engaged, would have encouraged him in 2005 to wear – twenty years old – the infamous Nazi uniform shown off at a private costume party, under the lens of a Sun photographer. Or again the one about Carlo who, at the birth of his youngest son, would have turned contemptuously to Diana, with whom the marriage was already in crisis, saying: “Now that you have given me an heir and a spare (“an heir and a spare”, according to the etiquette used in the Windsor house to evoke the dynastic need to ideally have a dauphin and a cadet available, which serves as a title to the volume) my task is finished”.

In any case, the autobiography seems to reserve better treatment for the sovereign father than for William. As in the pages where Harry describes at least one recent attempt by Charles to act as peacemaker between the two sons, on the sidelines of the 2021 funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip: “Boys – he would have almost begged them – please don’t make my last years miserable” of life.

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Harry: ‘William and Kate made me dress up as a Nazi’ – World

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