“He’s still at Amici”, the audience scans everything: never happened before | Maria made him stay

Friends, twist: Maria De Filippi surprises everyone. The audience scans the intentions of the presenter, she has never happened such a thing before. Just the beloved face of the well-known Marian talent is still in school.

Friends of Maria De Filippi – BedQuotidiano.it

Viewers were left speechless to still see the famous face of the Marian transmission in the school. Maurizio Costanzo’s wife made him stayunprecedented twist in the Canale 5 academy.

Maria De Filippi shocks the audience

Maria De Filippi affectionately nicknamed by her army of fans, Queen Maryit really is there queen of Italian television. For years at the helm of highly successful programs such as Men and women and indeed Friendsnever misses a beat, her many followers love her madly and enthusiastically follow the programs entrusted to her.

Maria De Filippi to Amici
Maria De Filippi to Friends – BedQuotidiano.it

The famous talent of Canale 5 is just one of them. We are now at the halfway point, this Saturday will be held there semifinal and in less than 15 days we will find out who will be the winner of the 2022 edition.

Each year the academy of Maria De Filippi it churns out talents and this year too many singers and dancers, out of school, are already depopulating in the world of music and dance. Speaking of students, have you seen what happened? A twist unprecedented to Amici: Maria has decided to let him still stay in the academy.

Twist of the scene to Amici, he himself still in the school

Maria De Filippi he always knows how to surprise his large numbers of followers and has once again been able to leave everyone speechless. Did you see what happened? Nunzio Stancampianodespite being deleted from Friends he is still in school.

Nuncio of Friends
Nuncio of Friends – BedQuotidiano.it

But what’s going on? In the past few hours, fans of the broadcast have been able to notice, witnessing the daytime broadcast on Canale 5 in the afternoon, which the dancer by Raimondo Todaro that was theeliminated in the last episode of the evening of the famous talent show of Canale 5, he is still in school.

This has never happened before. Latino dancer fans went into a frenzy and chaos has broken out on social media. The army of Maria De Filippi he is over the moon and several theories and hypotheses have started to run on the net.

Nunciowhich can be considered without a doubt the pupil of Maria De Filippi as well as the sunniest, most ironic and fun student of this edition, according to many ‘agrees’ to the broadcast to make an audience and therefore the production would have decided to broadcast, in daytime, scenes in which he is still present.

Others argue that the reason is, ironically, why Amici cannot do without Nunzio: his amusing pearls, his irony and his funny squabbles with Maria De Filippi have always made us smile.

In short, no one accepts the elimination of Nunzio and therefore, as if it were almost a gift that the production wants to give to the many followers of the show, here we find it again in daytime. This is truly an unprecedented twist!

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“He’s still at Amici”, the audience scans everything: never happened before | Maria made him stay

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