Horoscope of the week from September 12 to September 18 –

Horoscope of the week from 12 September to 18 September

September comes alive. Holidays are now, for most of us, a memory that slowly fades along with the tan, but it’s time to dive back into our daily activities. Let’s see with what energies we will face the next few days, in detail of thehoroscope of the week from 12 September to 18 September.

The sky of next week’s horoscope

As usual, before diving into what we should expect sign by sign, let’s take a look at the movements of the stars in the sky. The sky next week’s horoscope is a stabilizing sky. The great waltz of the stars is over and now all the planets can express the best of the characteristics of their position. Generally speaking, we can say that this is a beautiful heaven for the earth signs, protected from Venus and Sun in Virgo and also for the air signs that this week can also count on a Moon in Geminias well as on Mars and on a lively Mercury in Libra. But now let’s see specifically what these stars reserve for us by analyzing the twelve zodiac signs one by one.


In short, dear Ariesyou are never among the most enthusiastic about the idea of back to school or at work, in a daily life made up of duties and schedules. And in fact, since you returned from vacation you just get distracted: think of new activities, new hobbies, new pleasures to complement the duties and all this feeds a sense of confusion and impatience. Yes, because you think a hundred do you. The advice for this month of September 2022 is therefore not to get lost in projects and initiatives that perhaps contrast and overlap with commitments already made. Stop for a moment and free your head from all these projects. Then focus on just a couple of new initiatives at most and, as usual, throw yourself into it!


Dear Bull, walk around with a dreamy look, a smile well printed on your face, and walking a few meters above the surface of the earth. Come on, admit it, you are lovers! On the other hand, if you don’t fall in love with this ultra-romantic Venus who lovingly protects and cares for your old and new romantic relationships, when should you ever do it? Take advantage of this amorous fortune that the stars give you, draw on it with both hands, you deserve it!


Dear Twinseven the horoscope of the week from September 12 to September 18, sees you as the plus sign poised of the zodiac at this time. The planets in Virgo are large and powerful and they steal some of your inexhaustible energy, but on your side you have a very gritty Mars that will become your guiding star for several months to come and also a generous Mercury, which sends you lucky opportunities. The biggest problem right now is resisting the intolerance you are feeling. This summer you didn’t stay long, but on the contrary, you continued to grind work even while the others were relaxing under the umbrella. Now that it is September, you realize that you have made important steps forward, but you need the right external recognition to all of this. It is this waiting for consent that makes you live a few bad days too many. Listen to your nature: be optimistic, look at the glass half full and keep going with your head down. You are doing well!


Dear Cancer, you immediately got to work as soon as you returned, so next week’s horoscope already sees you active on several fronts: home, work, family, friends, loves and so on. What gives you some more thought in this month of September 2022 is the wallet. Yes, they are the money the sore point Right now. A reorganization of expenses is urgently needed because probably this summer, for some special occasion you found yourself having to invest a certain amount of money and now you are a bit tight. Don’t worry, these beautiful planets in Virgo will help you put everything in order, including your finances. Make a good return plan and commit to follow it, there is no better time than September to give yourself a new discipline.


Dear Lion, your return went well. Like every year, whatever you decide to do, summer will be there full of energy and positivity, and the long wave of this charge lasts for many weeks. So here we are, watching you prepare or already put into practice new plans of conquest. In your favor you have the determination of Mars and the shrewdness of Mercury which protects in particular your business, trading and bureaucratic procedures. Everything is easy for you, but a lot is due to your enthusiasm.


Dear Virgin what does next week’s horoscope say about you? He says you are obviously and rightly so protagonists of your season. He says that you are full of energy, you have a clarity of mind that makes you even more brilliant than usual and increases your charm capable of knocking out anyone, even the most unrepentant Don Giovanni or the most elusive girl. Take advantage of all these beautiful birthday gifts, get busy and take home many well-deserved victories.

Weight scale

Dear Weight scalethe stars light up your September. This heaven encourages you more and more to put your ideas into practice, to throw yourself into new initiatives, to frequent new environments, to discover new passions. In particular, your weekend will be very lucky, a real firework in which, whatever you decide to do, you will shine like precious diamonds. And it was time, have fun!


Dear Scorpio, the fact of no longer having a grim Venus against you has brought back the desire to go out, meet people and get involved a little. Instinct tells you it’s coming some nice surprises and you know your instincts never fail! For the rest, this summer was a moment of transition for you, especially in August you focused on what you want to change and now it’s time to put these arguments into practice. The first rule to follow for you, to make you regain enthusiasm, is to cut off all the superfluous. You have to do some cleaning in your life, starting with your schedule, which is really too busy.


Dear Sagittariusthere is little to go around it, your number one enemy according to the horoscope of the week from September 12 to September 18 is Mars against and the nervousness that puts you on. You are not taking the return to work after the holidays very sporty, on the contrary you are already feeling stressed as before the summer. You have to make up for it by carving out times and spaces for relaxation to share with those who love you and will be able to communicate calm and serenity to you.


Well dear Capricornthis Sun and this Venus, super bright, cheer for you. Did you have any promising meetings on vacation? Have you found the agreement with a long-standing partner? Judging by next week’s horoscope, we would say yes. In addition, you are now back to doing what makes you feel more alive or working, so what more do you want? Return from 10!


Dear Acquarium, this week the sky is very beautiful for you: you have no opponent among the fast planets which on the contrary push you to propose, to step forward, to highlight yourself. Do not forget, however, that the work of this tiring Saturn that you have been carrying with you for a long time is not yet finished. You have to clean, clarify, sort thoughts and then, act accordingly. Once you have really tidied up, you will have freed yourself from the ballast that prevents you from taking off and you will take off. But there is still a need to roll up our sleeves for some time. Meanwhile, take advantage of the beautiful energy of Mars and, if you need to ask for a raise or a promotion, know that this is a good time to do it!


Dear Fishfor many September is a sort of New Year’s Eve, a turning point in which you leave the old behind and start a new path, made up of good intentions and good intentions. It seems to be exactly like that for you this year. The stars are about to give you several important news, what they want from you is that you keep yourself ready and open to new possibilities, overcoming the fear of change that often accompanies you. This time you will have everything to gain.

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Horoscope of the week from September 12 to September 18 –

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