How to lift droopy eyelids and correct hooded eye with super simple makeup that rejuvenates and brightens your eyes in 2 minutes

For an immediate lifting effect that improves the look and rejuvenates the whole face, make-up is always a winning weapon. You just need to know how to use it!

Despite the great strides forward in aesthetic medicine that increasingly offers quick and easy solutions to eliminate imperfections, the classic cosmetic make-up remains a certainty for many women. In fact, disguising the “flaws” behind simple but targeted optical effects still seems to be the preferred strategy of many women. Very often, in fact, it is enough to create the right shading to define and sculpt the face in a few steps. Below, we will try to understand how to lift droopy eyelids and correct the hooded eye with a very simple make-up trick.

First, however, here are 2 other make-up tips useful for all ages

Let’s start with the combo that no woman should ever give up, not even after the famous “door”: pencil and mascara. The classic duo always manages to give definition and depth to the look. Be careful though, because even if all women use it, few people know that mascara should be applied in this way. In just one swipe you will always have perfect eyelashes and seductive eyes at 20 but also at 50. Once the milestone of 50 candles has been reached, it will be necessary to find the right formulas to look younger without being artificial. Don’t miss these 5 practical tips that instantly rejuvenate.

Now, we’re ready to reveal how to lift droopy eyelids and correct hooded eye with super simple makeup that rejuvenates and brightens your eyes in 2 minutes.

The phenomenon of droopy eyelids is not always linked to aging. A specific conformation of the muscle can recreate this small peculiarity even in young juveniles. A feature that can be emphasized or corrected. To improve the look, in fact, a brown pencil and a bright eyeshadow can be enough. A classic brown eye pencil will lift the gaze of all women. The brownish nuance is good for both blackberries and blondes and even reds. This is because it will be necessary to blend the color and achieve a shade that appears almost completely natural.

Let’s see all the steps

Basically, with the brown pencil with a soft lead, draw a curved line following the crease between the fixed and soft eyelids. With a brush, blend carefully, moving back and forth from right to left and vice versa. Proceed in the same way, making a second line and then another shade. This will create a natural effect of shadows that “open” the gaze, camouflaging the part of the eyelid that tends downwards. To illuminate the eyes, apply very little shimmer eyeshadow with light and bright shades to the center of the mobile eyelid. Attention, the quantity must be very minimal to prevent the product from stopping in fine lines.

With this trick the result is guaranteed! For a more glamorous effect, it is advisable to pass the pencil also inside the lower lashes and complete the make-up with a good dose of mascara and a nude lipstick.

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How to lift droopy eyelids and correct hooded eye with super simple makeup that rejuvenates and brightens your eyes in 2 minutes

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