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Ignazio Boschetto is one of the three tenors of “Il Volo”, a trio born thanks to Antonella Clerici and today known all over the world. The artist, one of the most deserving of recent times, did not live an easy life and his first years of life were marked by a sad illness that forced him to live without an organ. The incredulous and worried fans for him …

Born in 1994, zodiac sign Libra, Ignazio Boschetto was born in Bologna but lived his entire childhood in Sicily. His parents, Caterina Licari and Vittorio Boschetto, tried to give him and his sister carefree years, but a dramatic event in his life he drastically marked him … His story …

The tenor Ignazio Boschettojust 14 years old, has known success thanks to the Rai 1 TV program, I leave you a song. It was the director Roberto Cenci who sensed the great talent both of him and of Gianluca and Piero. He then created the group of the “three tenorini”. Thus began the adventure of “Il Volo”, a trio composed – precisely – by Ignazio Boschetto and by Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone. Yet, the existence of the young Sicilian artist has not always been easy and, from the first days of life, he had to deal with a serious illness. It was himself who told it during an interview with Sunday Live during which he spoke for the first time about his health problem which is not to be underestimated at all. Her fans were seriously alarmed …

Ignazio Boschetto and his problem due to a malformation

Ignazio Boschetto was born with only one kidney, large enough – however – to perform the function of two organs. The problem of the tenor of “Il Volo” is defined from a medical point of view “Agenesis”or “the complete absence of an organ, due to incorrect embryonic development.

“The whole” is caused by anatomical anomalies of a congenital nature. But the singer’s childhood it was not only marked by this anomaly but also by another great pain

The ominous event that hit his family instead

What particularly marked the tenor of “The flight”in fact, it was there illness of the beloved mother Catherine, who fought a tumor. “Bad experiences may be remembered with a bitter smile but they were our past – the artist told Barbara D’Urso -. My sister and I did not want what children of our age wanted, we had only one desire, that which our mother returned home as soon as possible! “.

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But the pains, the strong ones, have not yet been lacking in Ignazio Boschetto’s life since he had to face a new, very, very difficult moment: death of his father Vittoriowhich took place only a few hours after the participation of de The flight to the Sanremo Festival 2021. Ignazio, however, attended the festival to pay his homage to the master Ennio Morricone.

To the father of the tenor of the The flight, however, the trio dedicated a sweet thought to a few hours after his death: “A few years ago we titled one of our concerts ‘An extraordinary adventure’. Well, all adventures contain moments of happiness and moments of sadness, the key thing is to face each of these moments together. United, always. Hi Vito, we will miss you“.

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Ignazio Boschetto, the disease that forced him to live without an organ: how is he today – Solo Entertainment

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