“I’ll explain what Carlo’s first real challenge will be”: Caprarica comments on the funeral of Elizabeth II

Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was held yesterday. The journalist Antonio Caprarica at Fanpage: “Historic but touching event: the affection of the people is a flattery for the Crown but also an open challenge for Carlo”

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on 8 September last, took place yesterday, Monday 19 September. For the last farewell to the sovereign, hundreds of heads of state and as many royals from all over the world arrived in London. Many subjects who remained in line for the farewell to Elizabeth II. The coffin was then taken by the funeral procession to St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, where Prince Consort Philip is also buried. A solemn ceremony like no one has seen since the last farewell to Winston Churchill, about 60 years ago.

“It was one of the most expensive events in the history of the United Kingdom – he said to the microphones of Fanpage.it the journalist Antonio Capraricawell-known face of Rai and expert of the royal family – The funeral was deeply felt by everyone,even by the members of the royal family themselves. The Archbishop of Canterbury said few leaders have received so much affection in history – that’s true. This is both a flattery and a challenge at the same time. “

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After the last farewell to the sovereign, the United Kingdom will have to organize the coronation of Charles III, who welcomed the Crown soon after the death of the mother. An event that according to the journalist will be just as demanding, but which may not have the same impact as Elizabeth’s funeral ceremony.

“We are not certain on when the coronation will take place he pointed out -. It will certainly be a demonstration of renewed affection for the monarchy: the ranks of the last few days have shown how much the United Kingdom loved the Crown and the figure of Elizabeth II. The challenges that await Carlo are many, but the British are deeply tied to the figures of the royal family and from now on they will respect and accompany him by virtue of the role he holds “.

Despite being the new King, in short, he will have to work hard to be up to the dead mother. During his first speech as a rulerCarlo said he wanted to follow in Elizabeth’s footsteps and “serve the nation for life”.

“A promise to which he will surely follow. His public interventions suggest that his reign will faithfully follow in the footsteps of the previous one. An almost obligatory path given the popularity of the Queen who reigned for 70 years to maintain the unity of the Commonwealth. The first real challenge will be to continue to hold the reins. “

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“I’ll explain what Carlo’s first real challenge will be”: Caprarica comments on the funeral of Elizabeth II

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