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After many unforeseen events and inconveniences, the former castaway, protagonist of The Island of the Famous 2022, continues to feel bad. “I’m dying,” she confesses on social media, to express the physical and psychological suffering she is facing. Where does the shipwrecked lament come from?

Forced to abandon the reality and to return to Italy for an injury to the anklethe Brazilian model we learned about in Hondurasduring the last season of The Island of the Famous, does not feel fit yet. On the contrary: his medical situation does not seem to have improved at all.

The castaway returned to pieces from the reality show, who now declares: “I’m dying, thanks Isola dei Famosi!” (captured) – www.ciolentolive.com

This is the young man’s destiny Roger Balduino, which is added to the by now large group of competitors who have returned bruised or very stubborn from the experience of reality TV. His adventure on the island was half a tragedy.

Roger’s ankle is not fully healed. And so the Brazilian wanted to show himself on social media with his foot still bandaged to communicate the seriousness of the situation to his followers. And another problem was added to the discomfort in the lower limb shoulder. After the ankle, in fact, Roger Balduino is in fact having several problems with his shoulder too. And in a story posted on Instagram, the former castaway declares: “I’m dying“. Certainly his outburst is ironic, but his situation does not seem enviable anyway. The irony is certified by the fact that the story has an a tag The Island of the Famous.

Balduino, the complaint of the former castaway on Instagram: “I’m dying” …

The followers, of course, are cheering on Roger Balduino and are hoping he will recover soon. Meanwhile, they also insist on knowing what happened to the sympathy that had linked him to the other competitor of the reality show, Estefania Bernal. Some tabloid newspapers have in fact insinuated that there could have been a rapprochement between the two. But apparently this is not the case. When asked about the matter, Balduino was very clear.

Roger Balduino - www.cilentolive.com
Poor Roger! Here is his complaint of the castaway on social networks (Instagram) – www.cilentolive.com

He explained that during the Island they both have a bit of a fake… but that basically the emotions felt were true. He likes her, and how. And she also loves her. But for now there would be nothing but friendship between him and Estefania. “I’m single now and don’t date anyone. And I haven’t even gotten back together with my ex-girlfriend. But I’d like to try again with Estefania, to tell the truth ”.

In practice, the model would be curious to know her outside the show, to understand how she really is. During the’Island the two had come very close. And we all believed that something more important would come from their flirtation. This was not the case. And they both also admitted that they had agreed and had trod the hand to win over the public. In the meantime, however, she has other things to think about. She has to recover. The former castaway’s lament is clear enough.

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“I’m dying”, fear for the former castaway of L’Isola dei Famosi: all with bated breath – cilentolive.com

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