“In bed he’s not king at all”: spicy background on Albert of Monaco | What do you do in the room – Show only

A former Italian flame, a beautiful showgirl told Afternoon Cinque about her past love story with Prince Albert of Monaco about thirty years ago. “The story lasted eight months, we met in Venice”, explains the actress who initially appears reluctant to confirm the words she said a few days ago to the weekly Newdirected by Riccardo Signoretti, also in the studio.

“Patrizia told me clearly that she isand Prince Albert was not a king in bed“, Signoretti declared in front of the visibly embarrassed woman who – however – does not deny. “We broke up because I posed topless for Playmen he was looking for a woman with a different style, maybe at this time, without those shots I would be princess“.

It seems that the first meeting took place in Venice about 30 years ago. Alberto would have been immediately struck by her, whose smile reminded him of her mother Grace Kelly’s. From here began an overwhelming love story that ended 8 months later due to the nude photos taken by the woman for Playmen. It was she who told what happened: “The cover of Playmen I had done it before I met Prince Albert in Venice. I didn’t know she was going to go out after we met. Alberto was very badly there. I don’t think I made a mistake. In that period all the most important Italian actresses, including Barbara D’Urso, posed for nude cover art. I’ve never taken very vulgar photos. “

Patrizia Pellegrino blew everything

D’Urso teases her, highlighting a passage from the interview in which Pellegrino allegedly declared that Alberto was not a king from a sexual point of view. The actress denies: “I didn’t say anything intimate, it was a journalist’s fantasy who went further” But Signoretti doesn’t like it and decides to intervene in defense of the journalist’s good faith: “No, I have to correct you. I asked you if Alberto in bed could be called a King. You answered me: ‘A king no, perhaps a prince’ “.

He left her because of some sexy photos

Patrizia then continued with her story saying that, after those photos, Alberto asked her to continue to see each other in secret: “That story lasted 8 months, a long time. Then he got mad at those photos. We met in secret because he told me that, although he liked us very much, he was forced by role to marry a woman he did not have in the photo closet of that guy“. But again the director of New he wanted to correct her by saying: “It ended because he accused you of calling the paparazzi for have you photographed with him“.

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To conclude Carmelita’s intervention was Pellegrino who wanted to give a different version of the same story: “It’s not true, he got very angry about that cover, then the distance took us away. I wanted to live my life and got engaged to the man who would become my husband. I have not married a prince, but I have married an earl. I don’t think he used an excuse to break up with me. He introduced me to his family and they are lovely people. “

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“In bed he’s not king at all”: spicy background on Albert of Monaco | What do you do in the room – Show only

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