Investigation into fake green passes, Madame speaks: “I am a victim of fear of my parents. Now I’m ready to get vaccinated” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

L’negative influence of the family and alternative medicine. There confusion and the silence during the waves of Covid. Then, with the pandemic loosening its grip, the desire to read up and the beginning of a journey of vaccination. In between, the investigation of the Prosecutor of Vicenzawho entered her in the register of suspects for ideological fake as a result of obtaining a fake greens pass. The singer Francesca Calearo, in art Madamein a long post on Instagram he clarified his position after the controversy that arose from the news of his involvement in the investigation by the prosecutors of Vicenza. “I was born and raised in a family that for various reasons began to doubt the doctors and measures of the traditional medicine going on alternative researches “said the rapper, who explaining the reason why she did not get vaccinated underlined:” It’s easy to start from the search for an alternative and end up in an infernal circle of conspiracy. During covid my parents fall for it” reads the post of the singer, who only a pandemic almost finished, she decided to “submit to various visits” and subsequently, thanks to a trusted doctor who assisted her, she underwent various vaccinations. “She gives me the contact details of her colleagues at the centre vaccinations – Madame wrote – and I continue and will continue to complete all those necessary for me and useful for others”.

THE FULL TEXT OF THE LETTER – A letter, that of Madame (who will be on stage at San Remo despite the controversy) which deserves to be reproduced in its entirety. After explaining her family’s skeptical orientation regarding traditional medicine, the singer let it be known that “in fact, not only did I not promptly get the Covid, but I have no other vaccines ”. Then a thought for her parents: “I would not judge a priori the choices of a mother and father in love with a perfectly healthy daughter after having suffered an abortion a few years earlier – she wrote – Even the medical care that I have received have almost always been natural (except in cases where chemical medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers or cortisone were needed). “However – continued Madame – it is easy to start from the search for an alternative and end up in a hellish circle of conspiracy. During the covid mine fall for it ”.

THE GALAXY NO VAX – In this sense, the reference to the galaxy no vaxas later explained by the artist herself: “Since I knew that what they were saying went in a stubborn and contrary direction to what science was exposing, I decided to stop my ears and that I don’t want to know anything about it either from them or from television – he explained – I still ask friends and acquaintances what they thought of this vaccine and as I imagined some are in favor and a few others less so. Subsequently – he added – I also asked doctors and retired doctors what they thought about it answers this time they were all positive”. Hence the decision to get vaccinated against Covid. But then something happened. And Madame told it like this: “So I was booking a vaccine in Milan when my mother warns me that I would have done it with her a Vicenza. Once she arrived in Vicenza – is the story of the singer – I understand that her position hadn’t changed but she doesn’t blame her for it. Subsequently taking advantage of my living together alone a Milanunder the control of myself alone, I decide, moved by good will and hypochondriasis, to submit myself to various visits”.

THE DESIRE TO GET INFORMED – The outcome? It’s the same artist to make it known: “I book about twenty, of all kinds, even to no avail (as many doctors I went to said) since often the answer was ‘Miss, you are as healthy as a fish’, except in a few cases, but here we enter my state of health and I consider it an intimate and private matter. I ask every doctor specialized in areas related to the covid his opinion on vaccines and the response has always been positive ”. “So – the singer recalled again – once out of the chaos of the pandemic, with almost zero anxiety and no external pressure, I decide to start unplugging my ears and finally starting to document myself without asking for external help”. And here the singer realized that the positions of her parents were the same as the no vax. “Known from videodocuments, debates, interviews that everything my parents told me were exactly the theories that the gods supported ignorant characters in medical matters and clearly overwhelmed by fear – she said – To which I was frightened, and I realized that I had kept my ears plugged for too long”.

“I AM INVESTIGATED” – But then came the phone call that changed everything. “One day at lunch in the mountains a phone call arrives from the police station. On Monday I go to them, I am under investigation – explained Madame – This situation screams in my face that I have to make a choice, take courage and do my thing last move. After a long chat with an infectious disease doctor and a review of my last visits – he continued – he prescribes me a series of vaccinations that he deems essential. I explain all my doubts to him, he patiently welcomes them, he answers me with availability and I understand. He gives me the contact details of his colleagues at the vaccination center – he said again – and I continue and will continue to complete all those necessary for me and useful for others. Thank you Doctor“.

“TRUST THE RIGHT PEOPLE” – After setting out his story, Frances Calearo made some considerations: “To all the people who wrote to me that I was right not to get vaccinated and everything, I want to invite you to inform yourself with a clear mind, without getting caught up in the panic. Trust the right people – he said – Nobody wants our harm. We all fight for one reason after all: to stay healthy and stay calm. “These words – concluded Madame – are also addressed to my parents, who I consider to be really people smart but gripped by a fear that led them into unreliable contexts. Luckily this story made them think too – he said – and I received some positive feedbacks compared to my new positions”. Finally the conclusion of the writing, with an appeal: “This was the story. This was the moral. Don’t have fear. Because fear blocks life – were the singer’s words – I thank you for the attention, support and love you continue to show me for what we are building together. Thanks for patience and affection. See you very soon. Frances”.

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Investigation into fake green passes, Madame speaks: “I am a victim of fear of my parents. Now I’m ready to get vaccinated” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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