ISOLA DEI FAMOSI 2022, REPORT CARDS 14TH EPISODE / Russian spouses under attack!

A heavy episode for the Russo spouses who in a short time saw their approval by the public collapse following some quarrels with other competitors, first of all with Nicolas Vaporidis and with many other castaways such as Alessandro Iannone and his mother Carmen Di Peter. The former pugilist, after being eliminated again from the main reality playa, left for Playa Sgamada. The whole audience made fun of the competitor’s return to the playa, considered to be passing through where the castaways can return to the game or be permanently eliminated, and on social media they indulged in comments such as: “The boatmen have learned the Neapolitan by force to bring back merciful ”. The two sportsmen do not like most of the public who did not appreciate their arrogance towards the other competitors and could soon leave the game for good (Grade 5). (Adriana Lavecchia update)

Island of the famous 2022, report cards 14th episode: Mercedesz, Maria and Fabrizia entrance too

And here we are with the report cards of the fourteenth episode ofIsland of the Famous 2022. An episode that finally sees the new competitors land on the island Mercedesz, Maria and Fabrizia, already nicknamed the Conquistadores. In reality, the castaways experienced a marginal part during the episode, contrary to what could be expected from three breaking personalities. Grade 5 for the whole trio, waiting to see him at work over the next few days.

Those who do not spend the evening in the shade, on the other hand, are Vladimir Luxuriawho shows up in the studio with afro hair and a black dress, with a showy yellow bow in plain sight. Grade 7 for exuberance. In Honduras, on the other hand, it shows Federico, the ‘heart’ of Guendalina Tavassiwho goes mad when she sees him dive out of the helicopter for her.

Island of the famous 2022: eliminated Clemente Russo, nominated Lory and Laura

Guendalina Tavassi he undergoes the haircut of his brother Edoardo, giving the audience of the Island of the Famous an unmissable gag. “I have a hole in my tit “, Gwendolyn yelled at him worriedly, fearing that her brother would get carried away with scissors. Grade 7 at the curtain. Then there is the disappointing love triangle formed by Beatriz, Roger and Estefania: Ilary Blasi hoped that the comparison would give sparks and suspense, instead it went to the archive without any particular jolts. In short, so much boredom. Grade 4.

It does not disappoint, however, Carmen di Pietro who, during the reward test, slips a piece of Parmesan cheese into her bra. Hunger, on the other hand, knows no rules. Rating 6.5. Regarding the nomination, after the elimination of Clemente Russoto end up on televoting there wife Laura Maddaloni and Lory del Santo.


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ISOLA DEI FAMOSI 2022, REPORT CARDS 14TH EPISODE / Russian spouses under attack!

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