ISOLA DEI FAMOSI 2022 REPORT CARDS AND NOMINATION / Guendalina Tavassi straight to the final

The twelfth episode saw Guendalina Tavassi triumph as leader of the island. The woman managed to beat her brother Edoardo, despite her spite for trying to win. The woman decided to appoint Blind following some old grudges that culminated during the live broadcast in which the young rapper accused Edoardo of being under the control of Guendalina. Her attack, however, did not have the desired effect and ended up in nomination. After the attack against the former Vippo from the Vladimir Luxuria studio, she immediately defended the woman from her accusations, making Bilnd understand that she was wrong. Guendalina Tavassi thanks to her sympathy and genuineness is much loved by the public who is willing to carry on her and her brother Edoardo until the final of the reality show (Grade 6)

Isola dei Famosi 2022, report cards and nominations: Beatriz warms up the engines

The twelfth episode of theIsland of the Famous 2022. Ilary Blasi keeps going for longer than usual, yet the course of the evening turns out to be devoid of jolts and real twists. It starts with the confirmation of Beatriz (vote 7) as a new competitor on the island, from next Monday. The ex-girlfriend of Roger Balduino (vote 4) will have the opportunity to clarify with the Brazilian model, putting a strain on his nascent relationship with Estefania.

“We will never get back together“, Roger ruled during the live broadcast about Beatriz, unaware of the fact that he will become a new competitor. About her Yours Estefania (vote 4)instead, she will have to cling to the public to save her skin, since she ended up in nomination with Carmen di Pietro (rating 6.5) and the young Blind (rating 5.5). Will he be able to break it down? Fans of love triangles cross their fingers.

Isola dei Famosi 2022: Estefania, Carmen di Pietro and Blind at risk of elimination

Then there is the little one to mention illness of Laura Maddaloni, which worried fans. Fortunately, nothing serious and alarm returned within seconds, with the reassurances of Alvin and the doctors. Everything happens before the coconut quiz supported by Carmen di Pietro, now a guarantee of fun for this island. With the son Alessandro (6.5 rating) the squabbles continue and in the absence of other dynamics they are not so bad.

At the end of the episode there is the surprise a Gwendolyn (rating 5.5) from the motherbut also the outburst of Nicolas (vote 6) who feels fatigue and has not yet overcome his inner crisis. Then the gaffe of Marco Cucolo (5.5 vote), still remained with the old rules of the island, when the competitors were divided into two groups. In the middle the verdicts of the audience at home with Licia Nunez and Marco Senise eliminated. Will we miss it?


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ISOLA DEI FAMOSI 2022 REPORT CARDS AND NOMINATION / Guendalina Tavassi straight to the final

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