Isola dei Famosi 2022, twelfth episode – In 3 to televoting. Eliminated Senise, Licia arrives on Playa Sgamada

Ilary Blasi – Island of the Famous 2022

The Island of the Famous 2022 continues with the twelfth episode and here on the appointment with the Friday liveblogging is renewed, to follow and update in direct minute by minute everything that happens in the studio and especially in Honduras during the evening.

Isola dei Famosi 2022: the minute-by-minute live broadcast of the twelfth episode

21.39: Short preview.

21.43: Ilary Blasi “parades” in the studio and kicks off the new episode. Greet the commentators, connects with Playa Palapa to say hello “My Alvin and all the castaways”.

21.46: It starts from the “tormented” relationship between mother and child. Carmen does not accept “His rebellion all of a sudden (…) A total change that I did not expect”. Alessandro reaffirms his will to want to emancipate himself and be more independent.

21.56: The episode proceeds with the hard battle between the Russo and Gwendolyn spouses. “I think Laura is really prejudiced against me (…) They told me the bad words in ancient Aramaic (…) You came under me and I said: what do you want to do?”says Tavassi. “One who says that she catches coconuts in the sea and puts the pizza in her cu * o …”replies Maddaloni. “What Gwendolyn says is all false”attacks Clemente.

Ilary, Laura, Clemente and Guendalina - Island of the Famous 2022

Ilary, Laura, Clemente and Guendalina – Island of the Famous 2022

22.05: Guendalina and Laura are called to challenge each other in the test of the Honduran clock; up for grabs ten chariots. The first heat goes to Maddaloni in just 8 seconds, the second in 52. So Laura wins the cocchi, who can do with them what she wants (she is not obliged to share them with everyone). Advertising.

22.23: Beatriz, Roger’s ex-girlfriend, is in Honduras but the castaways don’t know it. Back in Palapa, the model reaches the nomination station, where he listens to the letter that the ex wrote to him. “Our story was beautiful but I wanted to leave it because what I felt at the beginning I no longer felt (…) The story at least for me is over”, explains the competitor. Teased by the host, he adds: “When I told her ‘forever’ it is because if she needs I am there (…) I thought of her as other friends”. Then the torpedoed: “I live in Italy, she came looking for me”.

22.33: Beatriz, who listened to everything, comments: “I’ve never met a person like him. Liar to the extreme (…) I already lived in Milan when I met him “. The confrontation between the two, however, will take place on Monday.

22.38: Back to the friction between the castaways. Edoardo is angry with Blind, Laura and Estefania because they attack his sister to talk about him otherwise “Not if he talks about them”. The singer retorts: “You emerged because you are his brother and you chat”. Vladimir spoke against Laura: “She is much more aggressive than Guendalina (…) Now that her husband Clemente has come, do you think you have an extra shoulder?”.

22.49: Licia and Blind are invited to come out of the Palapa for a face to face. The actress, accused of being false, says she is tired because “I have been struggling with these prejudices for years”. But she does not accept to be given the construction. She adds: “At the beginning I said that for me Blind was not a player, he seemed pure, genuine. But over time I too have seen this change, this desire to emerge “. The rapper does not fit: “I have a personality and a character (…) Today I am told that I have changed, that I am aggressive. It hurts”.

Blind and Licia - Island of the Famous 2022

Blind and Licia – Island of the Famous 2022

22.58: The televoting is closed. Advertising.

23.07: Ilary proceeds with the first verdicts: Guendalina and Marco are safe. Then the definitive outcome: Licia leaves the Palapa with 9% of the votes, against Edoardo’s 40%, Guendalina’s 34% and Marco’s 17%. Nunez gives the kiss of Judas, which is worth a nomination, to Alexander.

23.13: We move on to Playa Sgamada, where between Ilona and Lory there seems to be no good blood. “We have restored a kind of positive fluid”claims Del Santo. “It is not true”, Cicciolina admits. La Blasi goes straight to the point and opens the televoting flash: who to eliminate between the two women and Senise?

23.20: For the castaways of Playa Palapa it is time to test the reward, which is giving away steaks. The castaways, by mutual agreement, decided not to let Carmen and Edoardo play but she didn’t take it at all well: “Clemente told me ‘you don’t do it’ and they all went after him”. The test is timed and balanced at sea. They manage to conquer four steaks. Advertising.

Reward Trial - Island of the Famous 2022

Reward Trial – Island of the Famous 2022

23.38: New Cocco Quiz for Carmen, who has to complete some proverbs. She manages to conquer coffee and croissants. Alvin explains that the castaway has the right to split the prize as she wants.

23.48: The remote voting flash is closed. The verdict: eliminated Senise with 24% of the votes, against 32% of Ilona and 44% of Lory. Marco says goodbye to everyone and leaves Honduras for good.

23.53: On Playa Palapa it is time for the leading test, which consists of freediving. The first to challenge each other are the men: Edoardo wins, resisting 1 minute and 31 seconds. Then it’s up to the women (Laura does not play because she had a faint a little while ago): Gwendolyn wins. The final duel to decree the leader of the week will be between brothers. Advertising.

00.09: Edoardo and Guendalina challenge each other in the test of the Vitruvian man. The castaway wins, and is therefore the new leader.

Guendalina and Edoardo - Island of the Famous 2022

Guendalina and Edoardo – Island of the Famous 2022

00.14: Nicolas is in the nomination position to talk a little about his state, physical but also mental, not exactly at its best. He admits that he misses loved ones a lot and that he didn’t think reality show was that tough: “I didn’t think this was the level of stress and I didn’t think I miss the people I love so much”. “Hold on”Ilary tells him.

00.22: Go to the nominations. She cannot be named Gwendolyn as a leader. The first to be called to the post is Clemente: he names Carmen because “I don’t like double agents”. Then Estefania: appoint Carmen because “In front of the cameras it says one thing …”. Blind: name Carmen because “Once he says something and then changes”.

00.31: Gwendolyn is called to the nomination station, where she talks about the relationship she has found with her mother. And she cries when she hears her from the studio.

00.41: Back to the nominations with Marco: appoint Edoardo why “Lights the fuse”. Nick: appoint Estefania because “Always gives me the air of a bit ‘false”. Advertising.

00.51: Carmen: appoint Estefania because “Before he was much kinder”. Alessandro: appoint Estefania because “I’m a bit unpleasant”. Iannoni is joined by Edoardo to discover together the identity of a new castaway arriving in the next episodes: after Mercedesz Henger, it is the turn of the former Bonas of Forward another Fabrizia Santarelli.

1.01: Licia lands on Playa Sgamada.

1.03: Again nomination with Laura: nominate Carmen because “I don’t like the game he plays”. Advertising.

1.09: Roger: mention Carmen because “I am in favor of Alexander’s independence”. Edoardo: appoint Estefania because “It’s a constant lie”. Nicolas closes: he appoints Estefania because “Change your mind too often”.

1.16: La Blasi communicates to the castaways the verdict of their nominations: the nominated by the group are Carmen and Estefania. The leader Gwendolyn adds a third name: Blind.

1.18: Via the televoting: who to save of the three? Advertising.

1.24: The episode ends here. Appointment on Monday. Good night to all.

Isola dei Famosi 2022: advances for the twelfth episode on Friday 29 April

Live on Canale 5, starting at approximately 9.45 pm, Ilary Blasi leads the twelfth appointment with The Island of the Famous 2022. Alongside him, as commentators, Vladimir Luxuria And Nicola Savinowhile sent to Honduras to tell and guide the castaways in the trials there Alvin.

After days of friction and quarrels, tonight there will be a fire comparison between Guendalina Tavassi and Laura Maddaloni. In addition, space for the triangle between Roger Balduino, Estefania Bernal and Beatrizthe ex-girlfriend of the disputed model. Carmen Di Pietro she is struggling with her son Alessandro Iannoni’s desire for emancipation but will also be the protagonist of a new and fun Cocco Quiz.

For the purposes of the game, the verdict of televoting between Edoardo Tavassi, Guendalina Tavassi, Marco Cucolo and Licia Nunez will establish who will have to leave the Palapa for Playa Sgamada, where instead a real one will be consumed elimination. One of Lory Del Santo, Ilona Staller and Marco Senise will have to leave Honduras for good (this will be decided by a flash televoting). Finally, the new round of nomination.

Isola dei Famosi 2022 twelfth episode In 3 to

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Isola dei Famosi 2022, twelfth episode – In 3 to televoting. Eliminated Senise, Licia arrives on Playa Sgamada

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