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Rai programming change during the day of 29 December 2022. Antonella Clerici must give up the usual appointment

There was an important Rai programming change with regard to the day of 29 December. The news of the schedule will concern in particular the morning slot, when Antonella Clerici is broadcast with her It’s always noon. The cooking show will miss the appointment, but in the afternoon there will be no particular changes, Il Paradiso delle Signore 7 will be broadcast regularly in the early afternoon, as well as throughout the holiday period.

The Rai programming change therefore affects the band dominated by Storie Italiane by Eleonora Daniele and It’s always noon by Antonella Clerici. Eleonora Daniele will also have to change the schedule on Thursday, but Storie Italiane will still be on the air. In particular, the presenter will find himself a to close his talk show with 45 minutes earlywill halve the times compared to the usual programming, concluding the live broadcast on an extraordinary basis at 11.15.

There will be room to follow a Tg1 special dedicated to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s press conference at the end of the year which will take precisely the time slot of the Clerici program. The Prime Minister’s press conference will in fact occupy the entire late morning slot, going on until about 1.30pm, when the line will then switch to the 1.30pm edition of the news. Consequently, to make room for the important event, he will miss the appointment with It’s always noon, the program hosted by Antonella Clerici. There is great expectation regarding the press conference, especially after the disappointment shown by several Italians regarding the reforms on the Budget Law for 2023.

The cooking show will exceptionally not be aired for this Thursday, but the airing is regularly scheduled for December 30, with the last episode of 2022, scheduled as always from 12, this is because it is a one-off stop in via great for conference.

As for the airing of Ladies Paradise 7, even during the last week of December no changes are expected linked to the programming of Rai 1. The soap opera with Roberto Farnesi and Vanessa Gravina will be regularly broadcast in the early afternoon with new first-run appointments. This year, in fact, Rai has chosen not to suspend Paradise during the Christmas period: no stops even for the end of the year or for the Epiphany, a gift for fans.

A particularly lucky edition also for the program hosted by Antonella Clerici, which in the last few weeks of broadcasting has recorded an average of almost two million viewers a day and share peaks that have reached 19%. These are commendable results because they retain the viewer in a time slot that covers the lunch hours. However, no recovery for the episode of the 29th of It’s always noon, it will continue on the 30th without changes in the programme, at the same time as the rest of the weeks. The same situation also for Italian Stories of the presenter Eleonora Daniele.

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It’s always noon, because it’s not on today Antonella Clerici – newsby

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