It’s over between Eugenio Colombo and Francesca Del Taglia, he insults her on social media: “I’m disgusted”

The relationship between the two ends with insults on social media. Del Taglia talks about a “hard moment”, but Colombo’s response is not long in coming: “She was 3 days in a hotel with someone”.

Up to a few weeks it seemed to be a simple passing crisis, but in between Eugenio Colombo and Francesca Del Taglia it seems over nine years after the beginning of that love born to Men and Women. A break that, in spite of the confidentiality that the two would have liked to preserve, is taking place in the worst way on social media: “It’s true, it’s a bit delicate moment between Francesca and me. It’s a problem not dictated by who knows what, betrayals and this nonsense here, but where on the other side a feeling is lacking. We are in a situation where we are trying to understand what to do with our future since we have two children and above all if this feeling can return or not “. So Colombo, in mid-August.

The announcement of the breakup

Things, however, seem to have changed abruptly in the last few hours. These are the words of Francesca Del Taglia who confirmed the end of his long love affair with Eugenio, asking to respect this moment also to protect their two sons, Brando and Zeno.

“I was waiting to give the news of the breakup of my relationship with Eugenio which took place a week after a year of crisis just for a matter of a big problem that took place a few days ago, where they diagnosed a very short time of life left to the dog Mia. It is a very hard moment for me, unfortunately relationships and love, even the greatest, can end. I don’t feel like adding anything else because dirty clothes have taught me to wash them in my house. estimate that you have dedicated to my love story and to my family I feel compelled to write at least these two lines, but for the rest I ask you and please respect the end of a story where there are two children inside who are now the only ones who must be protected and respected to the maximum. “

Eugenio Colombo’s answer

A few minutes later it was Columbus to add details And background on the end of their story: “I am writing this only to explain a few things … Francesca and I were in crisis and the trip to Rhodes had already been planned for some time for work … we needed to understand even better if the relationship could be recovered. As soon as we returned we learned of a very serious problem of our little dog. The young lady, not giving a damn about everything, was 3 days in the hotel with someone. This is disgusting. Useless that she writes that she was in a difficult moment. With this I close a story with a person who is not worth anything. All this on the day after the trip. ” An outburst published through a series of stories, to which this was added:

“Unfortunately I can’t put my face in it at the moment, but from these three days I realized that I had been with a person who did not deserve me for years and who as soon as he could put him in that place for me. Karma exists. … I’m really disgusted. “

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It’s over between Eugenio Colombo and Francesca Del Taglia, he insults her on social media: “I’m disgusted”

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