J-Ax, «I started taking drugs»: the rapper’s story from the beginning to the relationship with Fedez

360 ° J-Ax. The rapper himself is told in the podcast by Luca Casadei “One More Time”. The artist he told the ups and downs of his own career. An important step was the first phase of his work when he received doors in the face. “Healthy planta high disk budget in which everyone believed, journalists, record company, producers. A forecast of sale of three hundred thousand copies, sells thirty thousand copies. The record company told me: ‘We don’t want to hear about you anymore’. They send me to do concerts in village festivals. How did I experience that moment? I started taking drugs like crazy, I felt terrible. I was taking drugs so as not to think about it too much, you start saying: ‘I made a record so beautiful, so uncomfortable, that the system does not understand me and I boycott‘, the usual bitches that bankruptcies say about themselves in order to look at themselves in the mirror ».

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Another much talked about topic is the relationship with Fedez, abruptly stopped. «With Fedez I had above all an artistic affinity. I’m a artist, so the first thing you need to do is touch my ego in some way. Fedez told me and proved to me that he is a huge fan of the album “I’ll stop tomorrow”. Then the love for punk rock joined us. Fedez seemed to me and he is, someone who wanted break the system from within. He pointed out to me that from writing the song to the video, we did it all. He said to me: ‘Let’s finance our ideas ourselves’. And since I’ve been thinking about it for some time, I did. I tried to do the businessman with him, but he makes me shit. ” And hence, the removal: «I thought I could do it, but the thought to owe me raise and going to the meeting to discuss a contract that is not even mine, took away my peace of mind. Even having employees. What if I fail? I was afraid for them, I will never stop seeing the world of music and entertainment, as a place where from tomorrow for any bitch it can end everything. I want serenity, I am a paranoid suffering from anxiety, in the evening I thought: ‘How many employees do I have?’, instead Fedez said that he liked to have employees. Whenever we hired someone, I would say to myself, ‘This has another family that is based on whether Fede and I are okay or not.’ This is a limit mine and I took off… also for other reasons, but this was one ».

An important page in the history of J-Ax was certainly that tied to Article 31. The singer talked about when he and Dj Jad they decided to take roads different. The artist came harshly criticized from colleagues and fans for putting an end to Article 31: ‘«We needed to take paths differentbut from then on the rap scene started to give me some sold it. All the rappers of that generation went bankrupt there. Being able to make hits out of my genre saved my career. ” And again, similar incidents happened on The Voice. “I accepted because my wife watched the American version and I liked it. My manager he fired a high figure thinking they refused, and instead accepted. She was great experience. Then I disagreed with production choices and walked away slamming the door, but in hindsight I have to thank them because it was undoubtedly a turning point in my career. I learned that I could get emotional in front of everyone and they wouldn’t rice of me. There is no longer the character J-Ax. I am sure of my sexuality and even if I get emotional on TV, I don’t give a shit ** “.

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J-Ax, «I started taking drugs»: the rapper’s story from the beginning to the relationship with Fedez

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