J-Ax turns 50: “Behind me more failures than right choices, but I wouldn’t change anything”

from Barbara Visentin

The rapper: «I’m a happy dad (a little anxious) and I feel fulfilled. The last beer I drank on my birthday four years ago “

“When I was a kid, someone of 30 already seemed old to me, at 50 he was just a grandfather.” J-Ax did not lose being a kid, yet the identity card is clear: Alessandro Aleottiamong the first in Italy to rap with Articolo 31, then reborn as a soloist, on the date of birth he wrote 5 August 1972.

Does 50 years have an effect on you?

“Thinking about it is scary, but luckily age is a number. Once we really had 50 year old grandparents, now the 50 year old is a dad. We are the first generation to have delayed everything so much, but I don’t feel so different in my head, maybe I reached a certain maturity earlier, maybe here I think a little more before acting and I have become less impetuous ».

What do you see behind you?

«More mistakes and failures than right choices, but luckily I see no regrets. I have reached the peak of realization in recent years and considering that by changing every mistake I would change the result, I don’t change anything ».

What errors are you referring to?

«Wrong choices, wrong discs, bad experiments, I think for example of “Green mice” (tv show he hosted in 2015, ed.). As a personal regret I have that of having wasted time as a young man behind the clichés: drugs, getting drunk, partying. By avoiding them maybe I would have had more time to improve myself ».

“Droghine” doesn’t refer to cannabis, right?

“I’ll get that out of the way, even if I haven’t smoked for years now. The bridge drug that leads to cocaine is alcohol, it makes you lose your mind, you make choices that you would not make when sober. I am to legalize cannabis or to prohibit alcohol, you do. “

Still not drinking?

“Not even a beer, the last time I think was my birthday four years ago. I see alcohol as the father of all evils, but as with all things, moderation and balance are the winning way ».

Peace with Fedez, also celebrated during the LoveMi concert in Milan, aroused much enthusiasm.

“People love us more now than before. Time has given us the opportunity to look at what had happened with the eyes of the other, something that in a moment of quarrel you cannot do. Then I was the first person, apart from his wife, that Fede saw after being diagnosed with cancer. So we went from seeing ourselves as supervillain in words of comfort and friendship ».

And new songs together?

«For now it is not planned, but it is not precluded. Everyone is doing their own thing, I’m happy with the success of my podcast “Don’t open that podcast” which I think I’ll reply, but if before the answer was “never” now it’s “boh” ».

With Articolo 31 he raped before Italy discovered rap. How it was?
“There were disadvantages and advantages. We were less, but Italy is refractory to the news so it was all very difficult. But there was the strength to feel right ».

When you hear about rappers insulting the public what do you think?

«It annoys me that other artists have to have their say, I do my own stages and empathize with those who have just started: it is very stressful, you have all eyes on you. And things are amplified, as it was for Alessandra Amoroso when she preferred not to sign an autograph so as not to upset other people. What has been said about her, an extremely easy-going person, not a trapper, is shameful ».

Do new rappers take themselves too seriously?

“We took ourselves seriously too, although I love irony in writing. There were those who had the impression that we were “colored idiots” as I think they called us in an interview, but there has always been non-colored stuff too. We were talking about the same things that are now amazed, that imaginary of street violence, latent misogyny that maybe comes only from the girl who just dumped you and it is not true misogyny, it has always been like this: there is nothing that previous generation has not already said, only now rap is popular ».

Listening to «2030» again some verses seem prophetic. Only “Amber is the first female president” is missing.

«I met her at San Siro at Max Pezzali’s and I told her to move into politics. In that piece from 1996 I only translated what was already happening forward. But I had sensed that once the League was successful, it would stop blaming the southerners, moving on to immigrants ».

How do you live this summer of the election campaign?

«I will go to vote, but we all know what will happen even if we hope for a miracle. The left has stopped caring about people’s happiness, in some ways it is worse than the right. A new stuff must be born because if I have always thought that Salvini is a politician in the most derogatory sense, one who becomes moderate in power, now instead we are facing something like Trump, in serious trouble “.

She has experienced bullying in the past. What would he say to the self then?

“To do what I learned later: to transform vexations into positive energy, which continue to come even as an artist, with haters.”

Does the idea of ​​haters scare you having a small child?

“My generation didn’t have social media, but they were dying of heroin, a bigger problem than TikTok. I didn’t fall for it thanks to my parents’ education, so it’s better to educate the children and not to blame the outside world ».

Has your son changed it?

“Luckily I think I’ve changed before. Now I’m just a lot more anxious. But you just keep that one. “

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J-Ax turns 50: “Behind me more failures than right choices, but I wouldn’t change anything”

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