Jessica Gagen, from bullied because of her red hair to beauty queen

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For years the victim of friends and classmates. “They even tried to burn them once.” But then she realized that her hair color was her she marches her more than hers: she came second to Miss England and she is aiming to become Miss World.

For years she has been bullied about the color of her hair. As a child, someone had even tried to burn them. “There are those who define them as ginger, there are those who say copper – she explains -, but I simply say: they are red”. Now her hair color has become the plus point. So much so that from being bullied she has become a beauty queen. It is the story of Jessica Gagen, a 26-year-old Englishman from Skelmersdale in Lancashireche. Over a year ago, she came second in the Miss England pageant but she certainly doesn’t want to stop there and she is aiming directly for the Miss World crown. It was she who decided to lift the veil on years of mockery and outright bullying, when she was still a teenager. Among other things, she also told of that time, when a schoolmate tried to set her hair on fire.

Many episodes of bullying of which she would have been a victim. “Some schoolmates spat at me and threw things in my head – she said – and once they even tried to set my hair on fire”. But over time she begins to think that her red hair is actually the sign of her extraordinary uniqueness. “I had seen America’s Next Top Model and noticed that so many women were extraordinary, but conventionally beautiful.” And so she thinks she can positively exploit the color of her unique hair. She decides to join a modeling agency and from there she starts her career and slowly the first feedback of her arrives, up to second place in the Miss England pageant. Today Jessica is divided between study and work. As a model she has great success in the world of advertising and she is one of the few women in the course attending a master’s degree in aerospace engineering at Liverpool University. She is also very committed to volunteering and supports the cause to convince girls to choose studies in the traditionally male-dominated STEM sector. In addition to inviting young people to fight bullying and have faith in their potential and in their uniqueness.

He often talks about bullying among young people, starting from his experience. “I often think of children derided for having different hair colors from others. Now in the light of my experience I tell those who live with this problem that the red color of the hair can become a superpower ». Jessica has also combined success with solidarity. Since you have achieved some notoriety you have raised £ 6,000 for charities. But she always keeps in mind her next milestone: the end for the Miss Liverpool headband, scheduled for August 25, which would pave the way for the national event with the aim of becoming the first Miss World with red hair. .

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Jessica Gagen, from bullied because of her red hair to beauty queen

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