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Jovanotti, Lorenzo Cherubini, reveals one of the moments in which his strength has failed. When the daughter struggled with cancer

Lorenzo Cherubiniin art Jovanottispoke at length about what her daughter had to go through Teresa. A 22-year-old girl who has had to deal with a terrible disease. In fact, many are aware that the singer’s daughter has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A type of tumor that goes right for attack the lymphatic system.

Talking about what happened was precisely Jovanottiduring the meeting which takes place every year and which is organized by the institute European Oncology. This is an event that, in the last two years, has been canceled precisely because of the pandemic.

And so, from the Manzoni theater in Milan, Lorenzo Cherubini tells of what he lived together with daughter and how important it was for her to have all the family around. And so, on the site the reformistwe read of a Jovanotti who does not cover the role of singer but that of father. A father who tells with great emotion what passed the daughter.

The terrible struggle of Jovanotti’s daughter

Jovanotti's daughter's tumor

He begins his story from the beginning, when his daughter discovered she had a breast lump. Jovanotti immediately activated by picking up the phone and dialing the IEO number, to then speak with Paolo Veronesi. After various analyzes, the breast lump was shown to be something not very worrying.

After only 3 years, Jovanotti’s daughter had to deal with hers again health state. “It all started in August 2019 with an itchy legs”, this is the story of Jovanotti. Teresa began to suffer from a strong itching in the lower limbs. Jovanotti immediately took her to a infectious disease specialista specialist who advised her to undergo an examination.

Impossible not to notice the concern in the doctor’s eyes, to the point that he advised father and daughter to undergo all case examinations. So as to discover the causes of that itch. Also on that occasion Jovanotti asked for the intervention of his friend Paolo. From that moment on, a long journey began that was not at all easy for the twenty-year-old who, after numerous caremanaged to get out of this nightmare and take back her life.

Only after this situation has ended in the best possible way, Jovanotti claims to become aware of what happened. Not hiding that he has met people who have been fundamental to get to where I am today. All this was possible also thanks to the strength they have transmitted. “I thought I was the strong one of the group and instead I was the one who had the legs that gave way”.

Jovanotti says that, from that situation, he learned one great lesson. He even understood how important the technologythanks to which today they are able to have many more tools to deal with important diseases such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The singer also reveals that he took advantage of the period of the pandemic because, Teresa, he should have been isolated from everything and everyone.

Above all to avoid coming into contact with those visits that would only have brought her so much distress And sadness. The pandemic seems to have fallen like a glove for Jovanotti, far from the music scene to stay next to her daughter. Without being forced to cancel any concert.

Jovanotti finally concludes by stating that, from this adventure, he learned a lot. And who today manages to face life with much more strength.

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Jovanotti, his daughter’s cancer: “it all started in August …” | Here’s how it is – the Democrat – Free Information Journal

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