Karina Cascella has her say on the “case” Natalia Paragoni

A few days ago the Instagram Stories of Natalia Paragoni in which he told of feeling useless during the summer. Andrea Zelletta’s girlfriend indulged in a long outburst in which she expressed all her performance anxiety provoked by her work as an influencer. Very strong words that amazed several fans of the girl and shocked several people also from the world of television, among them, Karina Cascella.

The former columnist of Men and Womenand through some stories he wanted to have his say about what has become a social plague, that is the grueling search for perfection. We are faced with an unsustainable heaviness, not of being, but of seeking a life for the use and consumption of social media.

Afterwards Karina Cascella she also wanted to explain in detail the reasons why she felt compelled to write some statements. In a series of stories, the ex of Salvatore Angelucci she also told why she showed herself without any filter in the videos:

First of all, without filters and without deceptions, also because this myth of perfection needs to be debunked a little. Myself, there have been times when I always posted or referred to you with a filter because I didn’t like seeing myself with defects. For a few months now I have decided for myself and also to send a message to my daughter in particular. I don’t want to teach anyone anything – but you have to accept yourself as you are – at least as far as a social network is concerned.

Then if there is a specific problem it is normal that we tend to solve what may be the problem. I wouldn’t want to be misunderstood for the previous story with respect to Natalia who is beautiful by the way. As for this girl, on the one hand I would like to give her a caress, on the other hand I would like to give her a shake so that she wakes up a moment compared to everything that is around these social networks and that revolves around these social networks . Real life is made up of other things.

Karina Cascella he then quoted Chiara Ferragni:

It is true that a social network represents our life, but it should represent, for what concerns me and it is not law, it is my thought, a part of our life. Not that it’s all about social media. That’s the serious thing. Living in function of posting, comparing oneself, aspiring to a certain type of life, it is as if everyone was chasing what is Chiara Ferragni. Of Chiara Ferragni but there is one, maybe there could be someone else. What has been the path of Clear it cannot be the same for all, thank goodness.

In the sense that everyone has a different life e Clear has built what it has now in many years, with many projects, with a lot of work on itself, with a lot of commitment. It is those cases, I do not say exceptional, that succeed in such a difficult sector. It is certainly not the most common thing to be able to build what she built.

I have the feeling that all these little girls compete with each other continuously, losing sight of what real life is. Those who are the goals of a real life that is practically getting out of hand. They are completely directed towards a goal that is sometimes unattainable. I don’t want to say clichés. I’m just saying that first of all you should start appreciating what you have. We should begin to make comparisons not only with people who are better off than you, but perhaps and above all with people less fortunate than us from certain points of view. Even with regards to health, which may seem so obvious and which instead is the most precious thing in the world. Just if you wake up in the morning and can do whatever you want to do, because you are healthy and well.

It looks like bullshit instead it is the most important thing in the world. So why lose sight of all these goals and pursue something that is basically called the pursuit of happiness. Happiness that instead maybe finds in small things, in the simplest, most obvious things.

It is unacceptable that such a beautiful girl and unfortunately there are so many, she complains, she is sad, she cries because she has performance anxiety, the anxiety to show herself. Maybe she lost some followers, she dropped a little, now I don’t know what she could have happened to her. But we realize the discomfort that this little girl lives.

One: it is unthinkable that you feel this discomfort for these reasons, because they are actually too trivial. Two: on the other hand it worries because there are so many like her. They base their life completely on what is the public and social aspect. They then fall into depression and have these sad moments.

Karina Cascella he continued making a joke about the criticism he might receive after this post:

To many I will seem heavy, to others I will seem like the teacher who wants to give lessons, surely everyone can have their own thoughts. Maybe I’ll feel heavy to my daughter too, or surely, at 12 it’s normal. But the truth is that more messages like these need to be conveyed. More substance, less appearance. Unfortunately, the situation is deteriorating. It will be a generation of idiots, who will only and always look at the phone and will not have learned to do anything the next day.

This is a hallucinating thing that we don’t worry about. Let’s pretend nothing has happened, but the future of this world is in the hands of these guys who are all day like this right now. Ok, fun, time passes, it can be there, but there must also be more. I’m not saying that all young people are like that, be careful. But unfortunately an overwhelming majority is just like the girl who just posted. Or she complains like the girl whose story I just posted.

It is a very sad thing on the one hand and on the other it is worrying. Of real work and of substance I see little and nothing around. I don’t know if it’s normal for you.

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Karina Cascella has her say on the “case” Natalia Paragoni

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