Kate and William break the protocol: selfies, smiles and hugs with their subjects

Kate Middleton and the Prince William are ready to revolutionize the real protocoland they started with the most unexpected gesture: a selfie. After the heavy criticism received during their official trip to the Caribbean, the royal couple, visiting Scotland, chose to put aside bows and curtsy and indulge in a sea of ​​crowds that awaited them on the streets of Glasgow.

Kate and William: smiles, hugs and that unexpected selfie

Who would have thought, just a few weeks ago Kate Middleton and the Prince William had been the subject of heavy criticism for the now obsolete, and even colonialist, protocol during the official trip to the Caribbean. The Crown’s attempt to bring the countries of the Commonwealth closer together had not obtained the expected response, on the contrary: the local media (but also English) had accused Kate and William of attitudes that were too reigning and little human.

Thus, according to the well-informed at the Palace, the couple would have decided to start one small positive revolutionin the hope of eliminating that suffocating protocol which often keeps them too far from their subjects. No sooner said than done. In the first post-disaster royal voyage the Dukes of Cambridge set the rules aside and let themselves go handshakes, smiles and hugs in Glasgow, during the tour of Scotland. A crowd of subjects and onlookers had gathered along the road traveled by Kate and William, who ran to greet them and beyond: a group of lucky ladies managed to snatch a selfie from the heir to the throne and his wife, a more unique than rare event.

Mission accomplished, at least this time, for the couple who never seem to leave anything to chance. An unexpected gesture that, had it been done by Harry and Meghan, would have attracted only negative comments, as always. Kate Middleton knows how to play her cards, and the road to the throne appears shorter every day.

Whether it was a spontaneous gesture or not, it matters little, this revolution at the Court is necessary for the survival of the Crown itself.

Rules and protocol, when it’s too much for Kate Middleton

We have known her as quiet, polite, always in line with protocol, but Kate Middleton is one commoner, a common town, and grew up in the countryside and playing sports. For this his silent revolutionwhich has taken up more and more space after the arrival of cyclone Meghan, cannot surprise us that much.

Outdoor sports activities, Zara and H&M clothes for her and her children, recycled looks, a passion for botany, photography and children’s stories. Kate Middleton will be Queen, but following a very different model from Elizabeth II who, according to rumors from the Palazzo, must also approve the length of the clothes of his nephew’s wife.

Home you go rules you find, it is true, and we are talking about a Royal family, but Kate knows that her popularity among the English will allow her to modify or circumvent many of those rules that previously seemed insurmountable obstacles.

A little Lady Diana, a little Meghan Markle, a little Sarah Ferguson, yes that’s true, but she will be the future Queen of England and this gradual abandonment of protocol could be forever.

Kate and William break the protocol

Kate Middleton and Prince William, selfies with subjects

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Kate and William break the protocol: selfies, smiles and hugs with their subjects

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