Kate Middleton returns to public after “Spare” and teaches Harry a lesson

Kate Middleton returns to public after Spare and teaches Harry

Kate Middleton appeared in public for the first time after the release of Harry’s autobiography, Shoot, in which it is described in the worst way. The Princess of Wales shows superiority and indifference and shines in Liverpool by re-presenting his tartan coatgreen and blue, by Holland Cooper, which is part of his magnificent collection of outerwear worth thousands of euros.



Harry’s book also on sale online

Kate Middleton, first public release after Shoot

To accompany Kate Middleton in its first public release of 2023 there is her husband William. The couple traveled to Liverpool to inaugurate the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

If you expected to see William and Kate dejected or upset by the storm stirred up by Shootindeed they wanted to show the world that they are more united than ever, even in their look. Both chose to dress in perfectly coordinated forest green and blue. Lady Middleton opted for a recycled but highly effective outfit.

Kate Middleton magnificent with the 1,120 euro coat

This is the tartan coat, signed Holland Cooper, from 1,120 euros, with gold buttons. Kate wears it open, so as to show the blue ribbed wool dress with high collar and slightly flared skirt, by Ceffin Eva, which cost 327 euros. At the waist a leather belt to enhance the silhouette, slimmed down by the décolleté with thin heel in blue suede, by Gianvito Rossi, the made in Italy brand preferred by the Princess. The outfit is completed by the green bag with gold buckle, Amberley, signed Mulberry. The make-up is as usual in neutral tones, while the hair is left free to fall on the shoulders, moved by the wind.

The serene attitude of William and Kate, who bestowed smiles and waved at the people who came to welcome them, was an important lesson in style towards Harry. His autobiography Shootis doing great in sales but he’s plummeting in the polls. Proof that dirty laundry is washed at home and that in the end his statements seemed nothing more than the whims of a spoiled child who always wanted to be the center of attention but he got second place.

Harry did not spare William and Kate from accusations. Of his brother he recounted several episodes of aggression, unleashed by Meghan Markle. Even the Prince of Wales he knocked him to the ground getting him some wounds on the back. Of Kate she says she was jealous of the media attention her wife attracted. And to think that now Meg is about to leave him, indeed perhaps it already has.

Kate Middleton, the tribute to Diana that spites Harry

Harry didn’t even save his mother Diana, accused of being sometimes absent. So maybe it’s not just a coincidence that in Liverpool Kate wanted to pay homage to her missing mother-in-law by wearing the sapphire earrings that had belonged to her.

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Kate Middleton returns to public after “Spare” and teaches Harry a lesson

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