Kate Middleton, the astrologer’s prophecy: “Disastrous changes in March”

Time for change for William and Kate Middleton strikes March 2023, when their dreams of taking the throne after King Charles will be dashed. Astrologer Jessica Adams prophesies a radical change in the line of succession.

King Charles increasingly weak

It would be a blow to William e Kate Middleton if the fortune teller’s predictions come true. Yet the Prince and Princess of Wales always appear serene and smiling in public, not at all upset from their surroundings, nor from Harry’s accusations, nor from Andrea’s scandals, nor from a King who even before his coronation appears weak and impersonalto the point that Australia has decided to make his face disappear from the 5 dollar bills.

Indeed Kate appeared wonderful with a completely renewed look, even transgressive with respect to the dictates of the Court dress code if we think of the wonderful red suit by Alexander McQueennot to mention the jewel-boots by Gianvito Rossi.

Kate Middleton, the sad prophecy

Despite this quiet appearance, Jessica Adams revealed to the Express that stars have in store for William and Kate a nefarious future which will begin to take place in the days around the Prince’s 41st birthday, or in March.

The astrologer predicts that there will be a change in the line of succession. “The line of succession and individual titles within the Royal Family will transform in March 2023.” This means that a major change within the Windsors will take place in two months from the coronation of Charles, scheduled for May 6.

Kate Middleton, in March the financial collapse

The astrology expert revealed that this will have huge financial consequences, in particular, Kate Middleton will be affected: “This alters the legacy of Catherine, Princess of Wales and the legacy she leaves to the children, Charlotte, George and Louis”. But the finances of King Charles will also be greatly affected. The negative influence of the stars: “It affects the multi-billion dollar real estate empire of Charles III and William’s estate of the Duchy of Cornwall”.

And he also specified the precise date on which the accountants of the Royal Family “will work overtime”. The time of the meltdown is expected to be close to March 8 and March 23”.

Adams insists on the enormous impact these changes will have, as it will be “the beginning of the end of the old family life as Carlo knew it.” This will then have a cascading effect on William’s legacy, Kate and consequently on her children, predicting: “a completely new budget for the next 20 years”.

Kate Middleton, what does Harry gain from the disaster

However, the astrologer says nothing about who will gain from King Charles’ financial misfortunes. Evidently the stars weren’t clear enough in that regard. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that these predictions of doomed royal fortune come just as Harry is earning more money than ever before in his life, thanks to his autobiography Shoot.

In short, it seems that destinies have turned upside down. Once it was Charles who supported Harry and family, now that he has gone off the hook he is amassing a treasure worthy of a King. According to Court experts, Diana’s second son never worked so hard throughout his entire existence, not even when he had real duties to perform. The miracle of having become financially independent.

Another point where the prophecy seems a little weak concerns the fate of the throne. In short, he talks about changes in the line of succession but does not say which ones. Will Charles always be King? William will succeed him or, as many fear, Harry will bear the Crown.

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Kate Middleton, the astrologer’s prophecy: “Disastrous changes in March”

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