King Charles, first birthday without the Queen. Kate Middleton’s anti-panic strategy

King Charles III turns 74, in fact, was born on November 14, 1948. This is the first birthday he celebrates without his beloved mother, Queen Elizabeth, who passed away on September 8. And panic spreads through the Palace. But to keep a cool head Kate Middleton thinks that she has calmed even the Queen consort in a moment of fibrillation.

Charles III turns 74 years old

There are many unknowns that accompany the Reign of Charles. After 70 years on the throne of Elizabeth, the challenge is difficult and the new King has already hesitated on several occasions. The nervousness of the first days, immediately after the death of the Sovereign, with gestures of anger for a pen that is leaking ink and Camilla who intervenes to the beauty and better to calm her husband. And more recently, the disfigurement of being bombarded with eggs by a Green Party militant who accuses the Monarchy, in the person of the new King, of having built his wealth with blood. To Elizabeth such public humiliation has never happenedindeed it was completely unthinkable that the Queen could be ridiculed, such was the respect for her.

Charles III, the unknowns of his reign

Charles, on the other hand, must still deserve the respect of his subjects, in a very complex situation, where the monarchical institution risks crisis. Not to mention the internal scandals of the Royal Family, from Prince Andrew to Harry and Meghan Markle that promise a crackling 2023 start with the publication of the autobiographical book, Spare. As they say: “The pen hurts more than the sword” and in fact Carlo, William and Kate Middleton tremble at the idea of ​​what Harry might reveal.

Charles himself then thinks of desacralizing the monarchy. The Sovereign wants to streamline protocols and traditions, get rid of many secondary members of the Royal Family and cut management costs. However, he must also deal with the prestige of the institution. Thus, his coronation, which will take place on May 6, is intended to be short, free from ancient customs and procedures. All choices that can be shared, but Carlo must not demean the luster of the Crown, if he places it on a par with any other institution, he risks being canceled.

Kate Middleton, the anti-panic plan with Camilla

The real ace up the King’s sleeve is Kate Middleton (READ OUR INTERVIEW) who is proving much better than Camilla in the role of Charles III’s right-hand man. She, who is one commoner and that precisely for this reason the Queen consort tried to divide her from William at the time of their engagement, revealed her pragmatic and diplomatic side. She put aside her resentments of Camilla for the sake of the Monarchy and helped the Queen consort overcome the panic during on Remembrance Daythe first without Elizabeth II to lead the Royal Family.

Kate, who sported Catherine Walker’s black coat with a braided neckline and a wide-brimmed hat by Philip Treacy, he attended the ceremony on the balcony of the Cenotaph next to Camilla. The latter was visibly anxious, the Day of Remembrance was the first major commitment for the new Sovereigns since the death of Elizabeth II. Lady Middleton she intervened by exchanging some jokes with her mother-in-law that brought her back to calm. Expert Jeremy Freeman read the Princess of Wales lip, showing how she led the Queen consort. Kate would have said to Camilla: “We have to go in now”And the Queen nodded her head, then the two women went out onto the balcony.

Body language expert Judi James pointed out how Camilla mixed regal gestures with expressions of anxiety. A slight smile appeared on her face as the wreath was laid for the dead of wars, while turning to Kate he showed all of her affection towards her for supporting her. On the other hand, she still explains the expert, anxiety was evident: “She seemed unable to stay completely still and at one point she talked to Kate, but looking straight ahead instead of turning to her.”

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King Charles, first birthday without the Queen. Kate Middleton’s anti-panic strategy

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